Gajim - 2014-12-23

  1. Neustradamus
  2. Neustradamus for information
  3. SamWhited Neustradamus‎: We've got a thread going on the XMPP Standards list discussing the expected behavior, XEP ambiguities, etc. as well that may be of interest (though if any changes happen, they're probably a ways off)
  4. SamWhited (threaded view is on this page:
  5. Neustradamus yes yes
  6. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7905 (Pasting into add MUC dialog's "room" field should be improved) created problem Prasing of JIDs or URIs into the MUC bookmark "room" field could be improved to split out the nick from the resourcepart, or to work with XMPP join URI's. analysis When pasting an entire JID into the room field of the add new bookmark or join chat dialog box, it is split into its component parts. Eg. pasting "room@…" would in[…]
  7. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7905 (Pasting into add MUC dialog's "room" field should be improved) updated Status changed I don't know which Gajim version you use, but it works this way in 0.16
  8. SamWhited Hi all; is there any way to disable certain XML stream errors from being shown in the UI? Every now and then decides to spam me with tons of service-unavailable errors ( which Gajim displays, causing it to constantly alert me of new messages. A way to turn the reporting off would be helpful.
  9. Asterix Hi SamWhited
  10. Asterix strange. We use chatstate only when contact supports it ...
  11. SamWhited Asterix: It only happens on occasion, but when it does Gajim spams me with "error while sending message ( remote-server-not-found )" all day.
  12. Asterix yes and you open tab to get the error, then Gajim sends a new chatstate, so you get the error and so on
  13. SamWhited Asterix: Indeed
  14. Asterix that is a s2s problem
  15. SamWhited Asterix: Yah, I think their server is failing to connect on dialback
  16. Asterix your server can't connect to it seems
  17. Asterix but I'm always between : ignore error or warn the user that there is a problem ...
  18. SamWhited Asterix: If a chatstate fails to be delivered, I hardly think that's a problem (if it were an actual message, obviously you'd want to alert)
  19. Asterix yes ignoring messages without a body doesn't sound a big problem
  20. Asterix Hi NUF what's your problem with 313?
  21. Holger Asterix: I think with XEP-0198 those error messages are becoming way more common, because servers will usually generate an error message for unacknowledged stanzas (if the session wasn't resumed). I've already seen multiple complaints about Gajim generating notifications on those. I think it's generally good to show them for proper messages, but only in a non-obtrusive way, as they way well be non-fatal given that those messages might've been received by other resources.
  22. Holger s/way well/may well/
  23. Holger I think it would be best to just draw a small red cross next to the original message or whatever, but I have no idea whether that sort of thing is easy or even possible with Python GTK+.
  24. Asterix we are talking about chatstate, so no original message
  25. Holger Yes, I changed the topic :-)
  26. Holger Sorry.
  27. Holger I kept forgetting to ask about that and Sam's report just remined me.
  28. Holger I had the feeling that Gajim reports those stanzas bounces also for presence stanzas, but I'm not sure that's true (is it?). I would think those should usually be hidden from the user. But even for proper message stanzas, I think it would be better if Gajim wouldn't notify as loudly, as the amount of (possibly non-fatal) error messages can become quite annoying these days.
  29. spicewiesel Holger: same here, I get dozens of those messages each day. In general I would say that for every real message I get 10 times notified for nothing...
  30. SamWhited Gajim is a bit overzealous with what errors it exposes to the user in general
  31. spicewiesel It seems that in the last weeks way more users started to use clients with xep-0198 and it became very annoying.
  32. SamWhited Speaking of it being overzealous with errors; I just got "The room is currently overactive, please try again later" from a bunch of users here as if it were a private message (or whisper, or whatever it's caled).
  33. Jef that's weird
  34. Jef screenshot?
  35. SamWhited Jef: Already closed the windows, sorry... it was just a whisper from several rom partispiants with that message (that's the actual quote; copy/pasted)
  36. SamWhited s/partispiants/participants/
  37. Jef Can you reproduce?
  38. SamWhited Jef: I wasn't doing anything at the time; it just popped up (I wasn't even looking at this room).
  39. SamWhited Several whisper windows opened at once, all with that message.
  40. SamWhited If it happens again I'll be sure to let you know.
  41. Jef SamWhited, please do so.
  42. SamWhited (could be that it wasn't this room that caused it, now that I think about it; maybe the users in question were in a different room as well)
  43. Jef that's never happended to me. Could be a lot of diferent things