Gajim - 2014-12-22

  1. thpo hi, is anybody here familiar with the sasl-code of nbxmpp?
  2. thpo I think there is a bug in handling GSSAPI, because this SASL mechanism may contain binary data, which cannot be utf-decoded and printed
  3. thpo please have a look at the following diff:
  4. Asterix I don't have a way to test this mech ...
  5. thpo but I do, and if you like, I can provide debug info ;-)
  6. Asterix the problem is that we can't the challange?
  7. thpo you cannot decode it and you cannot it, because its binary
  8. Asterix I trust you
  9. thpo
  10. thpo this is the bug I filed with the debian package
  11. Asterix ok, sounds a working patch, but ... with XMPP all transfered things should be utf8 ...
  12. thpo afaik, the transport of this auth-data is b64 encoded
  13. thpo which itself may be even utf-encoded as well (?)
  14. Asterix ha ok
  15. Asterix can't you do a of data?maybe data.encode('utf-8')?
  16. thpo I have tried it and it returned: UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0x81 in position 1: ordinal not in range(128)
  17. thpo should I paste you some data, that I get? Just to play around with it ..
  18. Asterix if you can't decode to print ... maybe just print "got challnge" without the data
  19. thpo sounds good
  20. Asterix could you open a ticket on with your new patch attached?
  21. thpo will do
  22. Asterix thanks
  23. thpo Asterix:
  24. Asterix thanks. Will commit that this evening
  25. thpo thanks a lot
  26. thpo is by any chance the debian-maintainer of gajim around?
  27. Asterix thpo, no ...
  28. Asterix I invite him, but he is away
  29. crow seems noone answered from 21.12 so ill post again: Hi, I am using gajim portable (0.15.4) and now i would like to use 0.16. I install gajim for windows, create a .bat start script. and copy DataDir inside Gajim root folder like on 0.15.4, but when i execude thet start script i get welcome window to create an account. Is there way to migrate old stuff to 0.16 ?
  30. Jef crow, perhaps 0.16 is not looking for profile information inside it Gajim root's folder
  31. Jef where did you get this gajim portable 0.15.4?
  32. Jef I'm unfamiliar with this windows setup
  33. Jef crow, is this the bat file you were talking about?
  34. Jef crow, try opening cmd inside gajim's directory and run
  35. Jef start gajim.exe -p portable -c ../DataDir
  36. Jef then check for any errors
  37. crow Jef: yes its that one. So install gajim on windows using gajim-installer, copy folder somewhere else, uninstall and create DataDir inside Gajim root dir and run with that .bar
  38. crow erm .bat
  39. Jef ok, so run the command from cmd and see if you get any errors
  40. Jef do it manually
  41. Jef the "../DataDir" would suggest to me that DataDir has to be in the parent directory where gajim.exe is located
  42. crow Jef: ok ill try. without old DataDir (and after creating an account) everything is stored in that DataDir so its weird.
  43. crow Jef: jes Gajim/bin/gajim.exe and Gajim/DataDir/
  44. Jef you could try replacing the new Datadir with the old one