Gajim - 2014-12-20

  1. johnny Hey Asterix . i was trying to play with the default branch, but the add account dialog thing doesn't work. how much work overall do you think is left with the gtk3 port?
  2. johnny the roster window and the preferences window look nice though :)
  3. Link Mauve johnny, first merge the fixes that happened in gajim_0.16 to default.
  4. johnny hmm? will that fix the account dialog?
  5. Asterix johnny: it's supposed to work. So things that remain are a lot of tests and bugfixes like that
  6. Asterix Link Mauve: most things are ported to default branch
  7. Link Mauve Oh, already?
  8. Link Mauve Nice.
  9. johnny i don't know gtkbuilder stuff all that well, but i tried to fix it and saw it reference elements that didn't exist
  10. johnny well maybe it's more like . i don't know it at all.. i just tried looking for the ids in the .ui file that matched the ones in the python code
  11. johnny something about the entry completion box
  12. Asterix ha, those widgets have changed a lot between GTK2 and GTK3 ...
  13. johnny well it looks like a partway done port between using the combobox and the entry completion box
  14. johnny but as isaid.. i don't know much about how the gtk builder stuff works at all. only really that the ui file describe the layout.. and you hook up behaviour in the python code
  15. johnny that's about it
  16. Asterix I'll try to look at it in a few minutes
  17. johnny Asterix, the thing i wanted to at least try to work on. as side project was bumping the dependencies to make sure it worked with gstreamer 1.0 .. which means bumping farstream
  18. Asterix I also saw that pressing OK in the change status windows does nothing ...
  19. johnny unless that's already done.
  20. johnny i know now that you don't require python-farstream.. because it's all done with gobject introspection now
  21. Asterix I used to have a patch for that. but I can't remember if it's in or not, and if it still work. At the time I did it, it required patches in gobject. But that's a long time ago ...
  22. johnny gajim is one of the last gstreamer 0.10 deps in my project
  23. johnny err in my computer :)
  24. NUF Hey guys :)
  25. Asterix Hi
  26. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7904 (Cannot send outgoing messages to my new contact) created Bug description The problem is with sending an invitation/subscription to a new contact and sending them messages or files etc. The contact that I added does not receive my invitation nor does he receive my massages. But the other person can send me an invitation and messages and I can see them, but when sending him back something, still Gajim shows that the message c[…]
  27. NUF Asterix: i have again problems with 313, so there are still some problems :(
  28. NUF just found no time to investigate, maybe later i will right report. at the moment i just get absolutly no updates