Gajim - 2014-12-18

  1. patrik Hi, how does Avatars over pubsub work. Since was closed it should be possible, but it doesn't seem to work for me that way.
  2. Asterix it's XEP 84:
  3. Asterix but I don't remember how it's implemented in Gajim
  4. patrik Asterix, yes this is what I'm looking for. But it is?
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  6. Asterix patrik:
  7. Asterix it seems we don't
  8. patrik Asterix, ok it's a pitty, but thanks.
  9. Asterix what would that bring?
  10. patrik Asterix, it would work with conversations. ;-) Conversations dont't support vCard based avatars.
  11. LordVan Hi. Is there a way to throttle notifications / skip too fast notifications ? (ie when just logging in and there are a lot of offline messages incoming)
  12. Asterix patrik: ok .. patch welcom of course ;)
  13. Asterix LordVan: no there is not.
  14. LordVan Asterix, do you think it would be easy to implement? -- i got a twitter transport and guess what that does when i connect after a few days ^^
  15. Asterix hmm no that would not be easy. Currently as soon as we get a message we show it. What you request is to have a buffer to store them before showing them
  16. Dr. Watson Or have a counter that counts how many messages have been spawned in the last two seconds. If it is more than 10 show a message box "wanna have more notifications? Could be many" you get the idea
  17. Asterix yes but before you press yes / no, messages continue to arrive, so Gajim as to buffer them or drop them ...
  18. patrik Asterix, It would be my first patch, so I'll give it a try, maybe over christmas.
  19. Dr. Watson Asterix: that's true. Didn't think of that
  20. Dr. Watson Asterix: only buffering messages for 5 seconds after connecting to an account and then returning to normal mode? Just brainstorming
  21. Asterix you have to take them from buffer every X seconds after they come it. But even the idea to throttle is a bit strange.
  22. Asterix In the case of this twitter example, if you get 1000 messages
  23. Asterix and you want to show one every second ... it takes 17minutes to show them all ....
  24. LordVan well
  25. LordVan i don't want to throttle message recieving
  26. LordVan just the notifications
  27. LordVan ^^
  28. Asterix it will still take 17min to see all notifications
  29. LordVan true
  30. LordVan then skip
  31. LordVan i don'T need 1000x beep
  32. LordVan ^^
  33. Asterix but I may have a solution for you
  34. LordVan diable twitter tranpsorT? ^^
  35. Asterix disable notifications from the transport?
  36. Asterix no ... no that hard :D
  37. LordVan can you do that per contact?
  38. LordVan or for a transport i mean
  39. Asterix yes, thanks to trigger plugin
  40. LordVan alternatively i could check out the twitter transport code (spectrum) and see if i could put some sort of "switch" in there haha
  41. LordVan to not send all messages immediately i mean
  42. LordVan .. i just tried to look at available plugins and got an error ..
  43. LordVan from the emoticons pack
  44. LordVan .. whatever
  45. Asterix which error?
  46. albi hi, when I install gajim silent with /S and gajim is installed already I get error, if I want to deinstall it. Can I force installation?
  47. albi gajim windows
  48. LordVan Asterix, sorry, was on lunczhbreak
  49. LordVan i saved it: Traceback (most recent call last): File ".......\AppData\Roaming\Gajim\Plugins\emoticons_pack\", line 272, in on_notebook_switch_page self.fill_table() File ".......\AppData\Roaming\Gajim\Plugins\emoticons_pack\", line 287, in fill_table icon_file =, mode='r') File "c:\python27\lib\", line 957, in open zinfo = self.getinfo(name) File "c:\python27\lib\", line 905, in getinfo 'There is no item named %r in the archive' % name) KeyError: "There is no item named 'MacThemes2\\\\Smile.png' in the archive"
  50. Asterix if you open ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins/emoticons_pack/, do you have the folder MacThemes2?
  51. Asterix and a Smile.png inside it?
  52. LordVan \.local\share is empty here
  53. LordVan AppData\Roaming\Gajim\Plugins\emoticons_pack has the zip
  54. Asterix Ha windows, sorry :)
  55. LordVan and no, no smile.png in macthemes2
  56. LordVan ahw ait
  57. LordVan it is there
  58. LordVan Asterix, now you are rubbing it in that i have to use windows at work :P
  59. LordVan hehe
  60. Asterix :)
  61. LordVan 814B
  62. LordVan size
  63. Asterix maybe an uppercase problem or something
  64. Asterix I can reproduce under windows (but not under linux)
  65. Asterix no time to investiguate for the moment. Just don't go to the emoticon tab and that should be ok
  66. Asterix is gone, BBL
  67. LordVan Asterix, i did not go to the tab
  68. LordVan but yeah i will ignore it ;)
  69. mohtaref-hell Hello.
  70. mohtaref-hell
  71. mohtaref-hell Is there Gajim program on Sony devices?
  72. Asterix if they run python and GTK, that should work, but I doubt it!
  73. mohtaref-hell Ok Tnx.
  74. Boika I've booked a surfer Chat, but I did not know how to install the software and play Is it a help me
  75. Boika ؛