Gajim - 2014-12-16

  1. dnel when I log in using gajim, it doesn't send my display name from my profile, it just appears at the name in my jid, do I need to switch something on to change this behaviour?
  2. Dr. Watson So there is a bug in Gajim
  3. Dr. Watson If I open a group chat ike this one, the last few posts are shown. but the time stamps are broken in the german translation. i'll post a link to a screenshot. btw it's gajim 0.16
  4. Dr. Watson The broken timestamps are marked red
  5. Dr. Watson I guess it is a charset problem. If I save those chars in a file as ANSI they're presented like this but if I open that file as UTF-8 nothing is shown at all.
  6. Link Mauve Dr. Watson, what is your locale like?
  7. Link Mauve Past the result of `locale`.
  8. Link Mauve Although, GTK+ should be using UTF-8 anyway.
  9. Link Mauve In the code, it’s using both i18n.direction_mark and direction_mark passed to the function as a bytes string.
  10. Dr. Watson Link Mauve, I'm on windows so locale doesn't work
  11. Dr. Watson Gajim tells me GTK+-Version: 2.24.10 PyGTK-Version 2.24.0
  12. Dr. Watson If that helps
  13. Link Mauve % python -c "print(u'\u200E')" | iconv -f WINDOWS-1252 ‎
  14. Link Mauve u'\u200E', as defined in common.i18n.direction_mark.
  15. Link Mauve So I guess it’s still a locale issue.
  16. Link Mauve But then I have no idea how to fix that on Windows, sorry.
  17. Link Mauve It works here.
  18. Link Mauve (On Linux.)
  19. Dr. Watson I do prefer linux but there is a driver issue with my wifi card so I can't really use it
  20. Dr. Watson But why are there several direction marks in one line? Just asking
  21. -mosa- ،
  22. -mosa- في حدا بيحكي عربي
  23. -mosa- 3-|{
  24. mathieui in english please
  25. -mosa- Ok
  26. -mosa- I want gajim program format jar
  27. mathieui it is not a java application, you cannot have a jar of it
  28. -mosa- Or Symbian
  29. mathieui not possible, sorry
  30. -mosa- mathieui: Ok Thanks
  31. -mosa- @}->-- mathieui
  32. SouL wtf
  33. SouL What a question
  34. SouL well, request.
  35. mohtaref-hell Hi.
  36. mдťяiχ.moядď هلا بشباب
  37. mohtaref-hell :-D
  38. mдťяiχ.moядď بشو بقدر ساعدمن
  39. _ένíł_вǿy_ :lol:
  40. _ένíł_вǿy_ منايك :-|
  41. mдťяiχ.moядď برب
  42. mohtaref-hell هاااااي
  43. mohtaref-hell هااااي
  44. mohtaref-hell test
  45. Dr. Watson What the heck