Gajim - 2014-12-12

  1. johnny 0xAFFE, i think you nee to fix your connection
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  3. b_b haaaa
  4. b_b finally
  5. b_b i was tryong to come here since weeks :p
  6. b_b so
  7. b_b i'm not sure this "bug" comes form gajim
  8. b_b but, when i join a room
  9. b_b i can read this typo :
  10. b_b "Le serveur à défini ou midifié votre Surnom de salon"
  11. b_b m*o*difié
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  13. Asterix bert we have an option to choose how much to request with a default value. There is no way to request without a value
  14. bert Asterix: where in Gajim can I find this setting?