Gajim - 2014-12-11

  1. bert bot, help
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  3. johnny i was gonna check out the status of the gtk branch , but the trac code browser seems broken. is that an already know issue?
  4. Link Mauve johnny, I didn’t know about it, but I just left a message to Asterix about that.
  5. johnny do you happen to know how the gtk3 port is going?
  6. Link Mauve You can still explore it from:
  7. Link Mauve It’s in the default branch now, the one you get when you clone the repository, but there hasn’t been activity for a while.
  8. Link Mauve And fixes that went to gajim_0.16 didn’t get merged yet.
  9. Link Mauve If you have time, this is something that would be very useful.
  10. johnny i wonder how much work is left on that. have you even tried it Link Mauve ?
  11. Link Mauve I only gave it a quick try, but there were too much conflicts for the time I allocated to that task.
  12. Link Mauve I only gave it a quick try, but there were too many conflicts for the time I allocated to that task.
  13. johnny well here goes.
  14. johnny ah. guess the real important thing first is to have a 0.5 release of python-nbxmpp
  15. johnny oh wait, it says that 0.5 supports python2 and 3
  16. Link Mauve Yeah, there is no need to maintain two branches anymore. :)
  17. johnny it's just that the rpm was simply updated to 0.5.1 but didn't include the python 3 code
  18. johnny i am attempting to ping the maintainer
  19. Link Mauve I just made the same request to the maintainer in ArchLinux. :)
  20. LordVan hi
  21. bert I was wondering, Gajim requests MUC history with a client limit instead of using the server limit, what exactly was the reasoning behind this decision?
  22. Dr. Watson Not sure, but an option in ace might help if there is a valid reason
  23. bert Dr. Watson, was that a reply to my question?
  24. bert (only just saw it I'm afraid, probably wasn't paying attention when the notification came)
  25. Dr. Watson Yes it was. But I'm not a developer so I can't tell you the reason
  26. bert I see
  27. bert I don't know what the practises of gajim are
  28. bert I can file a feature request, but I'm not sure that's how it's done with gajim