Gajim - 2014-12-06

  1. n0nsense hi
  2. Moritz I have reason to believe that there's a bug with marking an invalid certificate as valid after verifying the fingerprint: for me gajim never connects to the server when I check the box, ("accept this certificate for this connection"), but it does connect if I manually press the okay button every time
  3. Moritz I'm currently working around this by hardcoding the fingerprint in the dialog box that would normally pop up
  4. Moritz (yesyes, I should fix things properly, I know)
  5. Moritz and I believe I also found a bug in the OTR plugin
  6. Moritz however I'm trusting my distribution here (except for the OTR plugin, which I got from the FTP), didn't download the official release
  7. Link Mauve Moritz, I doubt your distribution would have fixed such a bug.
  8. Moritz I suspect they might have unfixed something
  9. Moritz wouldn't be the first time a distribution broke a package with a patch
  10. Link Mauve Heh. ^^'
  11. Link Mauve Can you check that?
  12. Link Mauve Also you are using 0.15.4, try 0.16.
  13. Moritz that's the issue
  14. Moritz maybe later
  15. Link Mauve Ok.