Gajim - 2014-12-03

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  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7898 (link-local xmpp (zeroconf) failing IPv6) updated Now I experienced again that I wrote a message, which was delivered correctly, but I couldn't see it. With above patch, the log is as follows: 03.12.2014 12:30:56 (E) gajim.c.z.client_zeroconf self._server type: <type 'tuple'> str: ('', 5298) repr: ('', 5298) 03.12.2014 12:30:56 (E) gajim.c.z.client_zeroconf ee type: <class[…]
  3. Flow Is there no way to request room history when joining a MUC with gajim?
  4. Link Mauve It does it by default, AFAIK.
  5. NUF i always get a history
  6. NUF was quite surprised first time
  7. Flow yes, but only the first 10 messages or so
  8. Flow (it appears)
  9. Flow I'm looking for a way to specifiy the muc history extension when joining the room
  10. Link Mauve The last n messages, capped to the number of messages the server kept in memory, the number of messages the client asked for, or the furthest date the client asked for.
  11. Flow Link Mauve: is that supposed to answer my question?
  12. Link Mauve By default Prosody stores the latest 20 messages in memory, and Gajim requests since it last left the MUC.
  13. Link Mauve If you want more, IIRC it’s configurable in the ACE.
  14. Link Mauve But you can’t get more messages than stored on the server.
  15. Flow ahh ok, well it's nice that gajim tries to be smart here
  16. Flow but I can't believe that jdev has such a low setting
  17. Flow I appears gajim doesn't correctly calculate the time when the MUC was left in case the system suspends
  18. Link Mauve jdev@ isn’t hosted on Prosody, it’s M-Link, and I have no idea about its settings.
  19. Link Mauve Ah, that’s possible.
  20. Link Mauve On some DE Gajim will hook on the suspend event, AFAIK.
  21. Flow basically one our ago I suspend my system and only got the last 10-20 messages when resumed and re-joined jdev
  22. Link Mauve GNOME comes to ming.
  23. Flow I basically just use xfce4-panel
  24. Link Mauve You could ask jabber@
  25. Flow but dbus should be running
  26. Link Mauve Yeah, so probably no dbus event for a suspend.
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  28. Dr. Watson is there a complete list of dependencies for the hg version for ubuntu? i mean with ubuntu-specific package names
  29. Link Mauve Dr. Watson, you mean the python3 version?
  30. Dr. Watson what do you mean by "python3 version"? $ python3 --version Python 3.4.0 I mean the hg vrsion of gajim that I have cloned and I cannot get ./ running. It tells me what is missing, but apt-get doesn't deliver results for that
  31. Link Mauve Ok, so you are running the default branch, the future 0.17.
  32. Link Mauve Which is based on python3, gtk3, gobject-introspection, gstreamer 1.x, etc.
  33. Link Mauve And so I don’t know what you will need.
  34. Link Mauve Check on
  35. Dr. Watson well, thank you. if anyone else knows where to get a list of ubuntu packages please feel free to help me out.
  36. Natureshadow Dr. Watson: mind telling us what it says is missing?
  37. Dr. Watson well thats right, will do that
  38. Dr. Watson Kubuntu 14.04 LTS / after cd into the cloned gajim dir:
  39. Dr. Watson some of the previously missing dependencies i could install but that thing doesn't wanna tell me what it wants from me
  40. Link Mauve Oh, you don’t need to use that script, just run the one.
  41. Natureshadow I think you would run autoreconf first but listen to Link Mauve :)
  42. Dr. Watson $ ./ Gajim needs python-nbxmpp to run. Quiting... But I have cloned nbxmpp before and have used to build and install (yes, installed it with sudo)
  43. Link Mauve You have to install the python3 version.
  44. Dr. Watson well... so "python3 ./ etc"?
  45. Link Mauve Yup.
  46. Dr. Watson Thanks. Next issue I have no clue of fixing...
  47. Link Mauve Install python3-cairo
  48. Dr. Watson oh come on that damn oracle thing is blocking my apt!!! well, I'll be back
  49. Dr. Watson no further dependencies missing, thanks a lot! but what is that... i cannot add an account!
  50. Dr. Watson Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/luis/git/clone/gajim/src/", line 2012, in on_add_button_clicked AccountCreationWizardWindow() File "/home/luis/git/clone/gajim/src/", line 3537, in __init__ entry = server_comboboxentry.get_child() AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get_child'
  51. Dr. Watson why was i kicked?
  52. mathieui because you sent a long message and bot is a little touchy about those
  53. Dr. Watson then i will pastebin it...
  54. Dr. Watson is that better, bot!?!
  55. mathieui yeah, having mod_pastebin here would be better
  56. mathieui (we got your message, though)
  57. mathieui (and now I’m pulling out because I’m not a gajim developer and I haven’t used it in a while)
  58. Dr. Watson thanks though
  59. Link Mauve mathieui, but there is a mod_pastebin enabled here. :D
  60. Link Mauve The bot should just stop being stupid.
  61. Dr. Watson does webchat support that mod_pastebin?
  62. Link Mauve No idea.
  63. Dr. Watson Link, any suggestions on my issue?
  64. Link Mauve Ah, but this is a MUC feature, not a client one.
  65. mathieui Dr. Watson, it’s server-side, so yes, it does support it
  66. mathieui but bot will kick you anyway I guess
  67. Link Mauve No, sorry, aside from asking Asterix to fix it (and to merge gajim_0.16 into default!).
  68. Dr. Watson too bad. and the ubuntu repo and the launchpad ppa are both far from up-to-date. is there a tarball including all the dependencies? what about packing gajim into a docker container?