Gajim - 2014-12-02

  1. v1ct0r Hi
  2. v1ct0r I use gajim on ubuntu
  3. v1ct0r debian
  4. v1ct0r and fedoar
  5. v1ct0r The same problem on the 3 os
  6. v1ct0r fedora ^^
  7. v1ct0r if i save a bad password
  8. v1ct0r I can't change it
  9. v1ct0r when i change it in the configuration and i check save
  10. v1ct0r it is working
  11. v1ct0r but when i restart gajim, I need to redo that
  12. v1ct0r the password was not be changed in gajim configuration
  13. light try delete .gajim folder in home )
  14. light to reset configuration
  15. v1ct0r i have already do it
  16. v1ct0r I will try again
  17. Link Mauve light, there is no ~/.gajim since a *long* time.
  18. Link Mauve Gajim now properly respects the XDG guidelines.
  19. Link Mauve And passwords are usually stored in gnome-keyring or kwallet.
  20. v1ct0r ok i have try to delet .config/gajim
  21. Link Mauve v1ct0r, also, try upgrading to latest 0.16, your version is very old.
  22. light I hate gnome-keyring :\
  23. Link Mauve Maybe it got fixed already.
  24. v1ct0r mm the ppa version for ubuntu is lod
  25. v1ct0r old
  26. v1ct0r ok
  27. light
  28. light my gajim can't connect to my serv ^\
  29. light what am i doing wrong?
  30. light psi connecting without problem
  31. Link Mauve What do you have after that?
  32. Link Mauve Nothing?
  33. light gajim brings sertificate error, then reconnect
  34. light
  35. Link Mauve And do you accept that certificate?
  36. light yes i do
  37. light then cicle reconnect
  38. Link Mauve I have no idea about that. :/
  39. Link Mauve Which version of Gajim?
  40. light Link Mauve: can You try to connect this server?
  41. light
  42. Link Mauve light, you don’t have any DNS record for this domain.
  43. light mmmm....
  44. Link Mauve You should at least set a SRV pointing to
  45. light nmap -p 5222 5222/tcp open unknown
  46. Link Mauve Oops, I made a typo.
  47. Link Mauve “Outgoing s2s stream> closed: host-unknown”
  48. Link Mauve That means your server doesn’t know it’s serving, do you have a component or virtualhost to that name?
  49. Link Mauve Ah, you are running Ejabberd, I fear I don’t know enough about this server to help much. :/
  50. light just ?
  51. Link Mauve This one works.
  52. light with gajim?
  53. Link Mauve Ah no, I just tried s2s for now.
  54. light ))
  55. Link Mauve I don’t have any account on your server, nor do I want any.
  56. v1ct0r re
  57. Link Mauve Besides, I don’t use Gajim. ^^'
  58. light this server have auto-registration
  59. light ))))
  60. light thanks )
  61. v1ct0r i have tried to install gajim from mercurial
  62. light but which jabber server is better for gajim&
  63. light ?
  64. v1ct0r there is an error
  65. v1ct0r just wait a moment
  66. Link Mauve light, dunno, I’ve used it against Ejabberd a long time ago, but my favourite server is Prosody.
  67. Link Mauve I know for sure it works against both.
  68. v1ct0r i don't refind my logs :/
  69. Link Mauve v1ct0r, you may want to switch to the gajim_0.16 branch (hg checkout gajim_0.16), the default one is for the next version and has a lot of infrastructure changes.
  70. Link Mauve Like Python 3, gobject-introspection, etc.
  71. v1ct0r waht i have done
  72. v1ct0r the dev branch don't find my x-server ^^
  73. Link Mauve Wut.
  74. v1ct0r python3, very good news...
  75. v1ct0r the error message was something like
  76. v1ct0r gajim need x-server exiting
  77. v1ct0r but my x-server is rinning very well
  78. v1ct0r running
  79. v1ct0r and the upgrade don't resolve my password problem
  80. light Link Mauve: Prosody is able to show user IP's on conference join?
  81. light like my ejabberd now - "[21:24:33] *** buter83 ( Anonymous (1417537470078)) has joined"
  82. v1ct0r I see what happened
  83. Link Mauve No idea, but that wouldn’t be very anonymous. ^^'
  84. light pity...
  85. v1ct0r You can use a bot for that
  86. v1ct0r i just see in seahorse
  87. v1ct0r my new xmpp password is after the old
  88. v1ct0r so gajim just add a new password and don't delete the old
  89. Link Mauve v1ct0r, ok, so a gnome-keyring issue?
  90. v1ct0r maybe
  91. v1ct0r I have deleted all entries by hand, i restart gajim to see if it is working
  92. libertyhackers yes it is working
  93. libertyhackers !nick v1ct0r
  94. v1ct0r soory
  95. v1ct0r so i don't know if it is a gnome-keyring or gajim issue
  96. v1ct0r but when i change the password in gajim
  97. v1ct0r a new entry is created in gnome-keyring and the old is not deleted
  98. Link Mauve Report the bug on Gajim’s trac anyway.