Gajim - 2014-11-29

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  2. asdfasdf hi, how can i disable "Toggle End To End Encrption" so that only OTR (plugin) is used
  3. asdfasdf i feel like otr is better than this "toggle end to end enc."
  4. Johannes hey
  5. Johannes I do have a bug where gajim crashes if resumed from standby
  6. Johannes it either refuses to connect although there is network connectivity or becomes non-responsive with a red cross over the accounts icon
  7. Johannes requiring a kill -9
  8. Johannes is there a good way to debug it?
  9. Johannes its gajim 0.16 on arch
  10. azrael Johannes: do you have networkmanager in use?
  11. Johannes i assume that kde uses the networkmanager
  12. azrael is running kde without it, so not neccessarily
  13. Johannes azrael, its in use
  14. Johannes are there known issues with networkmanager and gajim?
  15. azrael Johannes: my gajim doesn't reconnect on standby, and formerly always got unresponsive. i once googled the issue / digged into the code, and it seemed like suspend/resume handling would rely on dbus signals from NM, so without it it wouldn't work. YMMV
  16. Johannes then i should not have it since i have both nm and dbus
  17. NUF hey there. is the issue known, that gajim cant handle connection trys with no internet connection?