Gajim - 2014-11-21

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  3. NUF does somebody know a muc channel for linux issues?
  4. Dr. Watson There are several mailing lists
  5. NUF its a pity, that muc channels are not so commen ^^
  6. light does someone know why gajim can't connect to my serv?
  7. light
  8. light PSI connect without problem
  9. NUF have a look at the xml console
  10. NUF while onnecting
  11. light i know, gajim can't work without certificate
  12. light but psi - worked
  13. NUF what means, psi doesnt worry about insecure connections ;)
  14. light indeed
  15. NUF unfortunatly i dont know much about such things, therefore i cant help you. why you cant just set up a sertificate? its better anyway
  16. NUF on my server it works great
  17. light better for gajim team but not for me
  18. NUF for you anyway, due to encrypted connection
  19. light i have a local serv, i dont need secure it
  20. NUF thats true
  21. light but... ? ))
  22. NUF just cant imagin that it absolutly doesnt work, but as i told you, never tried it without
  23. NUF have to wait for somebody with more knowlegde :)
  24. light I wait about 2 days yet )
  25. NUF oh, than you are not lucky, usualy here you get help quite fast
  26. light in this time only bot messaging here )