Gajim - 2014-11-15

  1. specktator hi all, gajim. I updated gajim and I noticed that it displays 3times every message I send and receive, does anyone knows what's for?
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  5. Asterix specktator‎: Which Gajim version? 0.16 or trunk?
  6. specktator Asterix, 0.16
  7. Asterix then XML could help. Because I use it and I don't have your problem
  8. specktator
  9. specktator that's the out put
  10. specktator for a single "test" msg
  11. Asterix hmmm very strange!
  12. Asterix you receive a message that is not for you!
  13. specktator yeap
  14. Asterix <message from='XXX' to='XXX/converse.js-58203957' ...> this one is not supposed to be for you
  15. specktator conversejs is a web client
  16. Asterix you server does strange thing I think!
  17. Asterix yes it's why your Gajim is not supposed to get it
  18. specktator hmm yes but gajim its the only client which does this. i used jitsi, empathy, pidgin so far and they seem to be fine
  19. Asterix do they also receive those message you're not supposed to get?
  20. specktator and xabber for android
  21. Zash Looks like a bug in the carbons implementation on your server
  22. Asterix I think Gajim doesn't check that
  23. specktator if gajim is online, no
  24. specktator let me check versions change logs,bugs etc
  25. Asterix Gajim should probably also ignore message that have a to with a full JID that is not our JID
  26. Zash Asterix: No
  27. Zash A client wouldn't usually need to care about the 'to' jid I think, I think it can assume that it's to=its own full or bare jid
  28. Zash The server is probably broken tho
  29. Asterix it seems yes
  30. specktator ejabberd 14.07 community version is the server. i read they implemented carbon copies recently but didnt found any bug related on their repo. Now i restarted the server and it only sends me twice the messages i'm the recipient. Other clients that understand carbon copies are receiving their copies now.
  31. Asterix there is no carbons in this XML
  32. specktator yes i saw that. But do you explain that gajim doubles the receiving msg?
  33. Asterix the server send to jid/gajim a message with to=jid/another_resource, which is wrong
  34. Asterix do you mean that "gamise me re pou na to xero" is printed twice?
  35. specktator yes
  36. Asterix then no I don't explain that
  37. Asterix and I never saw this behaviour :/
  38. specktator also gajim told me that -after the restart of the server - it will connect without encryption, all other clients seem to be fine with no complaints for now
  39. specktator it that tells you something...
  40. Asterix yes, server restarted. So Gajim disconnected. So it tries to reconnect. When it tries to reconnect, it tries first with encryption, then without. Your server restarted after the try with encryption it seems, so it tried without encryption
  41. specktator ok.
  42. specktator another thing i had i mind to ask you is ... what's your opinion about ejabberd? i noticed you're using prosody, so i'm wondering why. ejabberd supports some good features against prosody.
  43. Asterix I used ejabberd in the past. But prosody is lighter, and community is very reactive. I already asked for a feature, and they sent me a plugin a few minutes later.
  44. Asterix I don't remeber having something really serious against ejabberd ...
  45. Asterix but it's years I switched
  46. specktator ty
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