Gajim - 2014-11-06

  1. albi hi, does anybody know how I can reach the server message archive via xep-313 in Gajim?
  2. Holger albi: So you applied the patch from <>?
  3. albi Holger, no, do i have to?
  4. albi do I need patch fpr 0.16 too?
  5. albi for
  6. albi can I download patched version for windows anywhere?
  7. Holger albi: I'm not aware of a patched version.
  8. albi thanks for the info. I hope it will be in standard version soon
  9. NUF hey albi... I was looking for this already long time, but the issue got maybe forgotten :(
  10. NUF patching didnt work for me (tried it alot)
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  12. Asterix I just tried to patch latest version of gajim_0.16 branch and it works well. Only one file failed, and this part is not needed anymore, so just patch -p1 < mam3.diff and it works
  13. Asterix NUF: look at my previous message
  14. NUF oh, thanks asterix for answer
  15. NUF i thought I tried so, but i didnt see any effects
  16. NUF i will try later again and look what he is doing in detail
  17. Asterix feedback are welcome to improve / fix things. I'd like to intgrate this patch ASAP (maybe in 0.16.1)
  18. NUF that would be great
  19. NUF are there any issues with it, that it didnt come with 0.16?
  20. NUF than gajim is the only client supporting this )
  21. Asterix the translation was already launched ...