Gajim - 2014-11-05

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7862 (IRC MUCs not working) updated yeah, me too, it was working, but I don't know why the room not connect anymore, It was configured to autoconnect when start gajim, my distro is Archlinux. In pidgin work fine the same chat room with the same transport, and webchat too, and the other irc chat rooms work fine in Gajim, I don't know why, the xml console show something similar.
  2. phyber I've just noticed a weird issue in Gajim 0.16 (Debian, Jessie). (No idea if it's in other versions). My browser is set to "custom" as "google-chrome". Clicking links in the chat window works fine and opens in Google Chrome.
  3. phyber Clicking links in the topic area of a conference opens the link in Firefox.
  4. phyber which seems a little unexpected :)
  5. manta hello
  6. manta i have a question: there was a big security issue with pdgin last days, is ist the same problem with gajim?
  7. Link Mauve Which issue?
  8. manta mom
  9. manta
  10. manta the first 5 in the list
  11. manta i thought maybe because gajim and pidgin use similar libraries it could be a problem with gajim as well
  12. Link Mauve The first four look very specific to libpurple; the fifth one you’d have to check if OpenSSL has the same issue.
  13. Link Mauve No, Gajim doesn’t use libpurple, it uses nbxmpp as its XMPP library.
  14. Link Mauve The only similar library to both would be GTK+, I guess.
  15. manta ok, thank you :)