Gajim - 2014-11-03

  1. ZTK Hi, is possible enable youtube video preview in gajim?
  2. ZTK I'm using gajim these days, i have a question about features, is possible link of youtube embedded in chat windows? Plugin char count And enable similar libnotify
  3. Dr. Watson offtopic:// why would someone I've never heard of want to be my jabber friend?
  4. Link Mauve Dr. Watson, one possibility would be to make new friends.
  5. Link Mauve Another would be to get information from you.
  6. Link Mauve Another would be to provide you information.
  7. Link Mauve Also, some people don’t know they can send messages without mutually being in each other’s roster.
  8. Link Mauve (Which gets emphazed by some proeminent servers like Google’s disallowing such messages.)
  9. Dr. Watson Yeah but I'm kinda paranoid about information in the internet :D
  10. Link Mauve Information is nice.
  11. Link Mauve I like it.
  12. Dr. Watson Me too as long it's not about me
  13. mathieui I like yours
  14. Dr. Watson mathieui, what do you want to know? :P
  15. mathieui mostly your bank account number
  16. Dr. Watson Well, you won't be able to do anything with that information besides geving me some money.
  17. Link Mauve I would be fine with just your roster and the entirety of your emails from those past years.
  18. Dr. Watson be more specific abot those past years.
  19. Link Mauve Oh, just everything.
  20. Dr. Watson And which account do you want to know about? I have multiple mail accounts
  21. Link Mauve All of them, obviously. :)
  22. Dr. Watson ****** :D
  23. Dr. Watson and hopefully soon ******
  24. Link Mauve I can’t understand how people give away those informations at the first website asking them for…
  25. Link Mauve these*
  26. Link Mauve to*
  27. Link Mauve Hum, I should sleep, my English is bad today.
  28. Dr. Watson If a website asks me for a mail adress I give them one of my spam accounts
  29. mathieui Link Mauve, write your synthesis
  30. Link Mauve I’m talking about people who don’t have a spam account, and who give the very password (or some oauth access) to a random website asking for it.
  31. Link Mauve mathieui, true.
  32. Dr. Watson Haha not with me! The website has to offer something good and be trustworthy. Then it's no problem but...
  33. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7879 (Server name is rejected for group chat bookmarks) created I have a jabber account on a server whose hostname contains a "-". For some reason, when I want to add a group chat bookmark for that server, Gajim complains as soon as I hit the "-" key that I added an invalid character. Obviously, "-" is a valid character for the server of a group chat. Also, I was able to circumvent this check with the clipboard… (which is act[…]
  34. Dr. Watson Oh how I hate it, get it away! This wlan randomly disappears and annoys me all the time! - Rant over, don't mind me