Gajim - 2014-10-31

  1. crow Hi, how to backup gajim user and plugin folder, and OTR fingerprint? I did backup ~/.local/share/gajim/ i ~/.gajim/ and restore but user still see "unauthenticated" on conversation.
  2. crow seems my backup of ~/.local/share/gajim/ is missing some stuff, but if i would backup this would otr settings also be there
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7877 (TLS hang to OpenFire) created gajim 0.16 is hanging at TLS connection with gajim reflects the account as "Connecting" The problem occurs in the non-blocking TLS connection. nbxmpp.tls_nb Starting TLS estabilishing nbxmpp.tls_nb _startSSL called nbxmpp.tls_nb Using client cert and key from nbxmpp.tls_nb PKCS12 Client cert loaded OK nbxmpp.tls_nb p12 cert and key loaded nbxmpp.tls_nb client cert and key loaded OK nbxmp[…]
  4. k-s any one ?
  5. k-s any one there
  6. Natureshadow There is also ~/.config/gajim and ~/.cache/gajim