Gajim - 2014-10-29

  1. ambush Hi there! How to turn off off-the-record for all contacts? It is very unstable. :( Gajim 0.16
  2. ambush and what with your certificate? Gajim says it is not confirmed
  3. Lee ambush: Besides ‘RTFM’; perhaps address the symptoms you're observing, and try the development build, instead of compromising the privacy of both yourself, and everyone you talk to.
  4. Link Mauve ambush, add the CACert certificate to your trusted CAs.
  5. ambush Lee, how can I test it? It looks like sometime encryption doesn't work, some messages can't reach my buddy
  6. Lee XMPP Console, debug log output, (separate) testing accounts, possibly a network packet-capture, reporting exactly /those/ symptoms and how you know that message-delivery is failing.
  7. Lee
  8. Lee Else, how will bugs be fixed?
  9. Lee Is there anything consistent about the cases; such as those you're communicating with using specific clients, or anything else?
  10. Lee If OTR was so obviously broken, then the developers would've obviously remedied it, already. So, it's something a tad more specific.
  11. Lee I've used OTR with people who use Gajim, without persistent failure. Sure, there have been some bugs, but it's usable.
  12. Lee ‘It doesn't work’ isn't fantastically helpful, especially when ‘it works for me’.
  13. ambush ok, I'll try to collect that info
  14. Lee Read the document I sent the URL of, and also the “How to Report Bugs Effectively” to which it links.
  15. ambush Lee, basically I just wanted to turn off OTR, so I think my question was asqed correctly ;)
  16. Lee That misses the point. You said that you wanted to disable it, because of having problems with it. Thus, address the ((root) problem|goal), rather than the (symptom|step).
  17. Lee Besides, if that's all you really want, then /definitely/ ‘RTFM’, instead.
  18. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7874 (A bug message if "Confirm these session options" window's choice is "Yes".) created The window has opened when I initiated a chat with a contact. It had following content, providing "Yes" and "No" options: The remote client selected these options: messages will be logged Continue with the session? If answer is "No", nothing happens, and "Session negotiation cancelled" message appears in chat windown. When I cli[…]
  19. xfsz bonjour
  20. xfsz copy / paste by keyboard under windows not working only for me?
  21. Dr. Watson Are the translations for 0.16 ready yet?
  22. Dr. Watson By the way the Ubuntu repo still only has 0.15.4 maybe someone contact the maintainer