Gajim - 2014-10-27

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  4. nouveau bonjour (désolé je parle pas l'anglais), que veut dire « Authentification anonyme » quand je veux créer un compte dans Gajim ?
  5. Link Mauve Hmm, in French « identification » is the translation of “authentication”, « authentification » is an English loan word.
  6. SouL Here we say «identificació»
  7. SouL but «autenticació» too
  8. Link Mauve Some people say « authentification » here, mostly IT people.
  9. SouL Hm.. But it's like
  10. SouL It comes from «atèntic» (authentic)
  11. SouL So it has sense in an enviroment that is not IT-like.
  12. SouL Maybe it comes from english here too… But I don't think so.
  13. Natureshadow In German, there are even two words: authentisieren (= prove your own identity), authentifizieren (= check the provided proof of identity)
  14. Natureshadow Both are authentication in English