Gajim - 2014-10-24

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  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7848 (Traceback) updated Had the same issue. pyopenssl: 0.14 openssl: 1.0.1.j bytes_ seems to be of type long (bytes is 32L). Casting it to int seems to solve this issue.
  3. Natureshadow
  4. Natureshadow Anyone willing to apply my patch to make E2E working in prosody hg on Debian again :)?
  5. Link Mauve This should go only into the gajim_0.16 branch, as the trunk is python3 which doesn’t have that distinction at all.
  6. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7866 (Exception in OpenSSL on E2E negotiation) created prosody trunk today threw this at me when negotiating an E2E session: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/share/gajim/src/", line 1680, in on_response_yes self.user_response_yes(self.is_checked()) File "/usr/share/gajim/src/", li[…] • gajim-7866-e2e.patch attached to[] • Ticket #7866 (Exception in OpenS[]
  7. Natureshadow The bug doesn't seem to care, it was thrown at me by gajim-nightly
  8. Natureshadow But you are correct, Python 3 returns int in digest_size
  9. Natureshadow But Gajim can be run with Python 2.7 as well, so the bug is relevant, and Debian currently _does_ run it with Python 2.7
  10. Link Mauve Yes, until 0.16 Gajim was python2 only.
  11. Link Mauve Starting with the current trunk and the future 0.17, it’s python3 only.
  12. Natureshadow Right now, it is _not_ Python 3 only, even in trunk
  13. Link Mauve Huh, it is.
  14. Link Mauve If it isn’t you are not on trunk, probably on branch gajim_0.16.
  15. Link Mauve hg checkout default
  16. Link Mauve hg checkout gajim_0.16 to go back to the python2 version.
  17. Natureshadow I am on whatever is in gajim-nightly in the Gajim repository
  18. Link Mauve No idea then.
  19. Link Mauve I’m not using Debian, but it’s probably 0.16 as well.
  20. Natureshadow Well, the script does not carry a she-bang, the packaging is done for default Python in Debian, and the wrapper script in /usr/bin runs it with /usr/bin/python, which is 2.7.8 in Debian by default
  21. Natureshadow And it _is_ trunk
  22. Natureshadow Maybe it is intended for Python 3, but it runs flawlessly with Python 2, except for the digest_size bug
  23. Natureshadow So, maybe it should be run with Python 3, but people, incldung whoever build upstream nightly packages, _do_ run it with Python 2
  24. Link Mauve Erm, you are wrong, trunk doesn’t run on python2, only the gajim_0.16 branch does.
  25. Link Mauve I don’t say it’s not a bug in that branch that should be fixed, just that you are not running trunk.
  26. Link Mauve Both languages are too incompatibles to make a huge codebase like Gajim’s run on both.
  27. Natureshadow On further investigation, I must admit you are right about that
  28. Natureshadow The exciting question now is, why does the nightly build ship an old codebase?
  29. Link Mauve 0.16 is the newest one, until someone merges it into trunk. :p
  30. Link Mauve I tried that, but there are too many merge conflicts for me.
  31. Natureshadow hmm k
  32. Natureshadow I updated the bug report to 0.16
  33. Natureshadow So, trunk is actually less complete than trunk right now?
  34. Link Mauve than 0.16*
  35. Link Mauve Yes.
  36. Link Mauve And much less tested.
  37. Natureshadow k
  38. Link Mauve It’s a very big jump forwards, with every part of the stack upgraded, python3, gtk3, gstreamer1.x, farstream0.2, gobject-introspection…
  39. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7867 (Roster caching not bound to account) created We are setting up a new organisation XMPP server and of course migrating the original jabbe domain there. So right now, for testing, I have two accounts with the same JID foo@… configured in Gajim, one connecting to host and one connecting to This results in the cached roster from the first[…]