Gajim - 2014-10-21

  1. Guanin Link Mauve, here is the pidgin log: and here the gajim log: . The problem is: I'm trying to use the IRC transport to join a channel, and while pidgin does it without problems, gajim stays in an empty lobby without the ability to write or to do anything
  2. Link Mauve You are not receiving anything after that?
  3. Link Mauve (That being Gajim’s log.)
  4. Guanin nothing that belongs the the irc transport
  5. Link Mauve Ok, I can’t s2s with :(
  6. Guanin its the ejabberd mod_irc transport
  7. Link Mauve biboumi tells me “ guanintest: No such channel”.
  8. Guanin but i'm in that channel with xchat
  9. Guanin did you try it with
  10. Link Mauve, on my own server.
  11. Guanin didn't work for me
  12. Link Mauve tells me the same thing.
  13. Link Mauve 00:06:39> guanintest: No such channel
  14. Link Mauve Oh, it’s already late and I still haven’t written anything for my homework…
  15. Guanin Well, I'm in that channel with pidgin (irc transport) and xchat...
  16. Link Mauve Dunno then.
  17. Link Mauve But it doesn’t work with poezio from my own biboumi.
  18. javier Does gajim work at all with irc transports, Link Mauve?
  19. javier I can't have it work reliably.
  20. Natureshadow Hmm. I think I read somewhere that Gajim supports message carbons (XEP-0280_
  21. Natureshadow However I cannot find the feature
  22. Natureshadow Did I read something wrong?
  23. Holger Natureshadow: I think it'd off by default, but it's supported, yes.
  24. Holger s/it'd/it's/
  25. Holger Natureshadow: In the Advanced Configuration Editor, search for "enable_message_carbons".
  26. Natureshadow Yeah, cool
  27. Natureshadow However, it is not in the XEP list
  28. Natureshadow Is that intentional, or may I update it?
  29. Natureshadow Oh it is there
  30. Natureshadow Never mind
  31. Natureshadow ?me get more coffee
  32. Natureshadow even more
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  34. mcepl Link Mauve: do you know your way around .ui files? .... the solution is most likely similar to
  35. Link Mauve Not really, I’ve used Glade to make a terrible menu for my game, but aside from that I haven’t seriously used it.
  36. Link Mauve mcepl,
  37. mcepl well, I haven't used Glade in my life ....
  38. mcepl oh well, life is learning
  39. Link Mauve My first guess would be it’s more of a widget behaviour change between GTK+ 2.x and 3.x than a GtkBuilder issue.
  40. Link Mauve But don’t take my word on it.
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