Gajim - 2014-10-20

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  4. Link Mauve Woah, so many merge issues from gajim_0.16 into default…
  5. Zash Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/zash/src/gajim/src/nbxmpp/", line 497, in dispatch handler['func'](session, stanza) File "/home/zash/src/gajim/src/common/", line 109, in _JingleCB self._sessions[sid].on_stanza(stanza) File "/home/zash/src/gajim/src/common/", line 343, in on_stanza call(stanza=stanza, jingle=jingle, error=error, action=action) File "/home/zash/src/gajim/src/common/", line 574, in __broadcast cn.on_stanza(stanza, content, error, action) File "/home/zash/src/gajim/src/common/", line 117, in on_stanza callback(stanza, content, error, action) File "/home/zash/src/gajim/src/common/", line 256, in __on_transport_info raise nbxmpp.OutOfOrder AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'OutOfOrder'
  6. Zash When trying to receive a picture of a coffee box
  7. Link Mauve It happens on candidate-error or candidate-used.
  8. Zash Ugh, someone else wanna prod the Swift people about fixing their FT code?
  9. Link Mauve Gajim too, this should end up as proper error handling, not a traceback. :)
  10. Zash It's 2014 and I can't receive a picture of a coffee box?
  11. Zash I have no NAT
  12. Zash and IPv6
  13. Zash This Just Worked a couple of years ago
  14. Zash what happend :(
  15. Link Mauve :D
  16. Link Mauve JingleFT happened, I guess.
  17. Zash Yeah
  18. Zash And now everything's fragmented and broken :(
  19. Link Mauve Which reminds me about some email I wanted to send about HTTP over XMPP.
  20. Link Mauve They are specifying like three different file transfer methods, while just one should be enough.
  21. Zash Maybe I should dust off and commit my mod_webdav and invent some negotiation for just using that
  22. Guanin Hi. I don't know whether it is gajims fault or something else, but I have a problem with using the irc-transport of my server. It works fine in pidgin, but on gajim the userlist stays empty and I don't join on the server (I'm trying it on freenode in a small room I made for testing)
  23. Guanin I'm running gajim 0.16 on an arch x86_64
  24. Asterix Guanin: that would be interesting to get XML logs to try to understand what happens
  25. Guanin Well, I'm already watching the output, and it looks (to me) like there is nearly nothing
  26. Guanin I'll try it again a few times
  27. Link Mauve Also, I highly suggest you biboumi as an IRC transport.
  28. Link Mauve It’s much better than every other transport I’ve used.
  29. Guanin Ah, I found something: error 400-bad request
  30. Guanin but it worked with the same JID and settings :(
  31. Guanin Link Mauve, do I understand it correctly that biboumi is for the server side? (I'm asking because I'm using a server that's not under my control; it's the server of my university)
  32. Link Mauve Yes.
  33. Link Mauve I understood “my server” as one you have control of.
  34. Link Mauve You could still suggest it to them.
  35. Guanin oh, sorry for being unclear. I think I can't really suggest it, because the jabber-server is provided "as is", because it's main use is for internal communication of the admins
  36. Guanin but what could be the difference between pidgin and gajim? as far as I know I'm not doing anything different
  37. Asterix the XML we send / receive
  38. Asterix it would be interesting to compare both
  39. Guanin okay, I'll try to get the xml of pidgin
  40. Guanin okay I got the part of joining, just let me clean it up
  41. Guanin I cleaned it up a bit and seperated every message by a newline
  42. Guanin okay, posting links isn't allowed here? (didn't want to spam the log here)
  43. Link Mauve No, it’s just that the bot is retarded.
  44. Guanin ah
  45. mathieui it is allowed, but bot is kind of stupid
  46. Guanin okay ^^. Did you receive the link?
  47. mathieui yes
  48. Guanin and on gajim, there is only one message that belongs to the chatroom: a presence-announcement
  49. Asterix Do you have the XML in Gajim to compare them?
  50. Guanin Yes, but as I said, there is only one XML-Chunk after joining, and then there is nothing. Wait a sec, I'll upload it too
  51. Guanin Here it is: There is nothing else where that transport-muc is mentioned
  52. Asterix Is the transport shown as online in Gajim? 'cause you send a presence and get no reply ... that all ...
  53. Guanin Ah, it looks like it's offline. But I can commit commands and changes on it
  54. Guanin And when I commit a change to the settings, it states that I registered properly
  55. Guanin (sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language)
  56. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7859 (TypeError when start conversation with currently connected user on another …) created When I start a conversation with myself on another resource (to copy/paste link for example), when I start typing I got the following traceback: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/nbxmpp/", line 497, in dispatch handler['func'](session, stanza) File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gajim/comm[…][…]
  57. Asterix arf ... prosody didn't updated the cert ... reloading tls isn't enough ...
  58. Asterix what's the subscription status in information window for the transport?
  59. Asterix in the more expander at the bottom of the window
  60. Guanin No subscription O.o
  61. Guanin But it already worked a few times, so it's a bit strange..
  62. mcepl Link Mauve: did you try spectrum2?
  63. Link Mauve mcepl, yes, and IIRC it didn’t respect the MUC protocol for quite a few things.
  64. Link Mauve And it was very heavy, both in memory and in dependencies.
  65. mcepl are there tickets filed somewhere? I can harass my colleague, who is the atuhor.
  66. Link Mauve No idea, I didn’t search further once I discovered biboumi.
  67. Link Mauve I’m quite a fan of small unix-y software.
  68. Asterix Guanin: re-request subscription and re-send your auth to the transport
  69. mcepl Asterix: thanks for merging my patches.
  70. Guanin I don't have an option to do so in my contact list
  71. Asterix mcepl: thanks for creating them! GTK3 code needs love ...
  72. mcepl Does anybody know, why <TAB>-completion is broken (enters chr(9))?
  73. mcepl Asterix: is there any ETA on merging all relevant changes from gajim_0.16.0 branch?
  74. Asterix Guanin: try to remove / re-add it?
  75. Asterix mcepl: when you start the line with a tabulation char (9) you mean?
  76. Guanin If I go to action -> scan services -> Register (on the irc transport) (Don't know how it's called in the english client, but I hope you know what I mean), I'm sending this: <iq from='*******' to='********' id='push3701541367' type='set'> <query xmlns='jabber:iq:roster'> <item ask='subscribe' subscription='none' jid=''/> </query> </iq>
  77. Asterix no, but from what Link Mauve said, that doesn't seem to work very smoothly ...
  78. mcepl I mean, when I start "Ast<TAB>" I get "Ast\t" not completion.
  79. Asterix Guanin: yes that's the begining of the process for adding a JID to your roster
  80. Asterix mcepl: ha yes! when you start with only one char it works though
  81. Asterix ha no, it works for me with more
  82. Asterix so it's brocken only in default branch
  83. mcepl no, 'A<TAB>' gives me 'A\t' as well. Or what do you mean?
  84. Guanin okay, after the xml that I just postet, I get this:
  85. Guanin and after that, it's in my contact list, but still offline
  86. Asterix Guanin: can you send_custom_status to your transport to send a online presence to see if that helps?
  87. Guanin Well, I sent a custom status now, it is still offline, I'll try to join the channel
  88. Guanin i'm only sending the presence and that's it
  89. mcepl Asterix: yes, I suspect it something py3k/Gtk3-related, but I just wondered where should I look for the treatment of TABs.
  90. Asterix mcepl: that's maybe the code at the end of that is commented because (IIRC) there was no binding for that when we did the migration ...
  91. mcepl I see, I'll take a look
  92. mcepl Asterix: is there a ticket for that? is not it, right?
  93. mcepl I don't see it filed then
  94. Asterix no that's not the same problem. I don't think there are many (any?) ticket for the GTK3 issues. Nobody uses it (except you ;))
  95. mcepl I don't understand ... is just product of my hallucination?
  96. Link Mauve I’ve used it a few times, in order to test gtk3 on wayland.
  97. Link Mauve It worked fine after removing a few X11-specific parts.
  98. Asterix ticket talk about single message
  99. Asterix the thing nobody uses ...
  100. Asterix right click on a contact -> send single message
  101. Asterix it's message with type=normal
  102. mcepl ah, I see ... OK, I don't care at all. I have sent in my life like two single messages.
  103. Asterix that's why this ticket is opened for so long, nobody really cares
  104. Guanin I don't think that I'll get it working with that transport. Too bad :(
  105. Guanin even if I ask for subscription with pidgin, nothingh appens
  106. Asterix if we don't have subsciption, transport don't get our status, so I wonder how it can work in pidgin ...
  107. Link Mauve Asterix, don’t IRC transports use directed presence instead of subscription?
  108. Link Mauve At least that’s how biboumi works.
  109. Asterix so Gajim is supposed to send it's presence to this particular JID because it's a IRC transport??
  110. Link Mauve Directed presence is how you join a MUC.
  111. Link Mauve No magic involved.
  112. Asterix ok then yes, no problem with that. But then if you go XA, isn't that forwarded to IRC rooms?
  113. Link Mauve Don’t think of them as IRC rooms, they are proper MUCs as far as Gajim is concerned.
  114. Link Mauve And Gajim already forwards presence changes to all joined MUCs.
  115. Asterix right ...
  116. Asterix then why doesn't the transport work when Gajim sends a presence while it works when pidgin does?
  117. Link Mauve Where is the XML log?
  118. Link Mauve Sorry, I haven’t followed what the issue was.