Gajim - 2014-10-19

  1. mcepl Link Mauve: a way way better ... thank you
  2. Link Mauve Thank you for bringing it. :)
  3. Link Mauve I never thought it would bother anyone, I just did after talking about it with you.
  4. Darlan No more errors of Gajim manpages :-)
  5. Darlan mcepl, Gajim :-O
  6. mcepl Darlan: you mean the master branch of repo? ;)
  7. Darlan I use a snapshot of today 0.16-7b97d2ab8f70
  8. Darlan On which page trac ticket templates are set?
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  10. Darlan How many users here have stopped using FF and are now using Midori, Qupzilla or any other sane web browser?
  11. Darlan also, Chromium or Opera.
  12. Darlan Version 31 is beyond sanity. I will not touch it anymore. I use Opera.
  13. Darlan I would rather prefer to play with the tie of xbright than using FF 31.
  14. Link Mauve I find Firefox 36 even better than before, though. :D
  15. Darlan It seems to consume more memory and has too many animated widgets that can not be turned off.
  16. Darlan It can't handle with many tabs on older machines, unlike previous versions.
  17. Link Mauve 238 open tabs and running, on my netbook. o/
  18. Link Mauve And I haven’t found any animated widget yet.
  19. Link Mauve Aside from tabs, I guess.
  20. Darlan Tabs and customizing toolbar.
  21. Darlan 900 tabs. Eventually, I saved some URLs to a text files and some to Bookmarks.
  22. Darlan Qupzilla handles many tabs much better. It doesn't load favicons (I suppose it is favicons, not other type of content) of other tabs on startup, like FF does, but only when tab is activated/selected.
  23. Darlan I wonder when Mozilla would die and what would happen to its funds.
  24. Darlan It probably would state on a new cause, Help Starving Jews: we collect money and send it to our Jewish relatives :-P
  25. Darlan As if Jews have no money.
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  27. arune If real jids in a muc are public, couldn't gajim use the real jid when starting a PM from muc?
  28. Asterix then that's not a PM ...
  29. arune It is
  30. arune We use prosody+gajim as IM at work and it's very confusing to have discussions in different chats even if its between the same jids but through different mucs
  31. Asterix nothing prevent you from opening a chat message from your roster than from muc if yu want to talk to him about the different subjects in the same window
  32. arune Users are not that knowledgeable, they see the user in a muc and double click to start a private conversation but then you soon have several different discussions
  33. arune A solution for us would even be to disable muc pm in gajim, if possible!
  34. Asterix that could be seen as a feature to talk about different subjects in different tabs
  35. Asterix currently there is no way to disable that in Gajim...
  36. GreenBlood There is a muc setting to dissallow private messages between occupants, right ?
  37. GreenBlood I think i've seen it somewhere
  38. arune GreenBlood: ACE maybe?
  39. GreenBlood Excuse me ?
  40. Asterix no, it's in MUC configuration and it's a MUC component feature
  41. arune GreenBlood: could it have been an advanced configuration parameter?
  42. GreenBlood Nah, its a muc config as Asterix says. YOu access it from the muc window
  43. GreenBlood It is where there is a list of banned people and stuff
  44. arune Per muc?
  45. Asterix yes
  46. arune I'll have a look
  47. Link Mauve Or per-service, it depends on the MUC service.
  48. Link Mauve It’s in no way a client feature.
  49. GreenBlood Its easier to set something server side, though, whatever the setting might be
  50. Asterix note that it wo't mak Gajim use real JID. You'll just receive an error when you'll try to send a PM ...
  51. arune Yes yes