Gajim - 2014-10-03

  1. laza Hi, is there a possibility to use Facebook XMPP in gajim? I haven't found any useful yet
  2. Holger laza: You should be able to use Gajim as a Facebook chat client, yes:
  3. Holger Though I think they're deprecating the XMPP interface.
  4. laza Yes I can login however I don't see any contact
  5. laza in pidgin it works with the standard XMPP
  6. Asterix arune: no there is no equivalent under windows ...
  7. Link Mauve Asterix, does Gajim expose every feature found in gajim-remote as ad-hoc commands?
  8. Link Mauve If so, a pretty good equivalent for Windows would be any XMPP client supporting those.
  9. Asterix hmm?
  10. Link Mauve I mean, instead of using DBus to remote-control Gajim, one would use XMPP.
  11. Asterix hmmm I don't really understamd. You'd use Gaji to remote-controle gajim?
  12. Link Mauve For example.
  13. Asterix and gajim-reote is to a remote command as in from another computer
  14. Link Mauve Or a CLI client, like jp or somesuch.
  15. Asterix it's a command line interface to command Gajim via Dbu so from the sme sesion
  16. Link Mauve Yes, what I’m suggesting would be to use XMPP instead.
  17. Link Mauve So it won’t matter if it’s run locally or remotely.
  18. Asterix so you'd need to connect a second time with the same JID
  19. Link Mauve And it would be independent from the OS.
  20. Link Mauve Yeah.
  21. Asterix and this second client would need to understand all the copmmand line options that gajim-remote supports?
  22. Link Mauve Ad-hoc commands are discoverable, so this part isn’t required.
  23. Link Mauve They got designed for human interactions after all.
  24. Asterix if you can't do things from the command line it's useless ...
  25. Link Mauve Err, why couldn’t you?
  26. Asterix gajim-remote is here for a non-humn interaction
  27. Asterix why run a second client to do something you can already do from the first one
  28. Link Mauve For example, when you are on Windows and can’t use DBus, or when you are on another computer and can’t use DBus, or when DBus isn’t installed, or when you already have a gread Ad-hoc commands UI in some other client and want to control Gajim from that.
  29. Asterix that's completly different from gajim-remote then
  30. Link Mauve In which way?
  31. Asterix gajim-remote is here to controle Gajim from the command line (scripts, ...)
  32. Link Mauve Yeah, and there are various clients out there doing exactly the same thing, using ad-hoc commands instead of DBus commands.
  33. Link Mauve I’ve tried two already, jp (from Salut à Toi) and (from SleekXMPP).
  34. Asterix if you can't pass command line arguments to the client, I don't see how you can script things ...
  35. Link Mauve Those two are command line clients.
  36. Asterix I don't thing we understand each other. At least I don't understand you
  37. Link Mauve What do you not understand?
  38. Asterix one time you said it's not required to have command line option, one time you say those client can understand things like "send this ad-hoc command to this resource (that you have to know BTW)
  39. Link Mauve Well, see how gajim-remote --help lists all known commands?
  40. Link Mauve An ad-hoc disco could give you the exact same thing.
  41. Link Mauve An ad-hoc disco gives you the exact same thing.
  42. Link Mauve And then you can use any ad-hoc enabled client, be it a graphical one or a CLI one —just like gajim-remote— to send them.
  43. Asterix I don't think I can continue this discussion: I don't know the clients you talk about and I don't know what they can do, and I don't understand what you're trying to explain me they can do ...
  44. Link Mauve The interface of that client wouldn’t change, only the underlying protocol.
  45. Link Mauve Well, what I am asking is just to expose the DBus capabilities you expose to XMPP as well.
  46. Link Mauve So that any ad-hoc-enabled client could expose the same things as gajim-remote currently does.
  47. Link Mauve I could give you a poc if you want.
  48. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7825 (Inconsistent menus in chat window/tab) updated yes, as you just proved, buttons + advanced menu = popup menu (except for red buttons). If the advanced menu is the same as the popup one, you'get twice the send file featur: in advanced menu and with button. Or I don't undersand what you want And no there are 2 invites features: you can invite this contact to a groupchat, or you can invite other contacts the th[…]
  49. Asterix showing that features in adhoc, ok, I understand what it means, and I think that could be done. but I'm not sure what iiit can brng ...
  50. Link Mauve For example, gajim-remote-like capabilities to non-Linux.
  51. Asterix I don't see how
  52. Link Mauve What arune was asking you.
  53. Asterix you don't need another client to join a room ... you can do it directly from Gajim
  54. Link Mauve Sure, but Gajim doesn’t have any CLI way to do that by itself.
  55. Link Mauve It currently does need another client for that.
  56. Asterix I don't understand if you can ask a client FROM THE CMD LINE to browse ad-hoc features of a given resource (that you have to know ...) and activate this one with a ans b values in the fields.
  57. Link Mauve Sure you can.
  58. Asterix that's what I'm asking from the begining. but those options are not as easy as gajim-remote join_room
  59. Link Mauve Why wouldn’t they?
  60. Asterix could you how me an example?
  61. Asterix let's say gajim as this join room feature exposed via ad-hoc
  62. Asterix you have to know the name of the fields where the jid has to be entered, you have to know the resource Gajim client is using, you have to know the name of the join_room option ...
  63. Link Mauve Something like <iq type='set' to='yourself@domain.tld/your_resource' id='coucou'><command xmlns='' sessionid='some_session_id' node='join_room'><x xmlns='jabber:x:data' type='submit'><field var='room'><value></value></field></x></command></iq>
  64. Link Mauve Ah, but to know all that your client would just do the disco behind your back.
  65. Asterix sorry but I still don't understand. what would be the equivalent to "gajim-remote join_room a@conf.server.tld"
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  67. Link Mauve Only the second point is worse than currently, but it would fix the mess that the [account] parameter currently is.
  68. Link Mauve Asterix, it would be gajim-remote-ad-hoc join_room a@conf.server.tld
  69. Link Mauve I don’t understand why you would want to change the interface just because of a protocol difference.
  70. Asterix gajim-remote-ad-hoc doesn't exist. Use a client that exists
  71. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7831 (Ctrl+F should be Find, just like everywhere else) updated Status changed Could you be more precise? Which window has the focus when you press ctrl+F? if that opens a send file dialog, this mean you're in chat control? So what is the "find" feature in this window? If you press Ctrl+F in roster window, it activate the find contact feature (you can press the first letters of a contact)
  72. Link Mauve jp currently seems broken, I opened a ticket on their bug tracker.