Gajim - 2014-10-02

  1. unclechu Asterix‎: "notify me about it"
  2. arune Is it possible to open a conversation with a jid from command line? Like ./gajim --talk ?
  3. arune Maybe with gajim-remote
  4. arune is there something similar to gajim-remote for windows?
  5. stefano I think the problem is that gajim-remote use D-Bus. D-Bus is not available on Windows. I dont not an alternative.
  6. b_b hi
  7. b_b small question about irc prefs in
  8. b_b i know i can set prefs like that :
  9. b_b [{"","utf8"},{"","utf8"}].
  10. b_b but
  11. b_b doc say that we can also set passwd, like that :
  12. b_b {\"irc server\", \"encoding\", port, \"password\"}
  13. b_b can i ommit port with '' and it will use the default one ?
  14. b_b gonna test it after all :p
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