Gajim - 2014-10-01

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  2. michalxo Hello! What does it mean, when gajim pops a new window with text "You have received a new entry"??
  3. michalxo apart from fact, that it's distracting...
  4. SouL Welcome michalxo.
  5. unclechu hi there. anyone can tell my why gajim send notify about new email of my google accounts via libnotify but doesn't send me notifies about new messages?
  6. unclechu and how i can configure my gajim for send notifies about new messages via libnotify>
  7. unclechu ?
  8. Asterix new message from a closed chat window or from an opened chat windows?
  9. unclechu Asterix, any
  10. Asterix what's the value of first option in pref window in notifications tab?
  11. Asterix GN guys