Gajim - 2014-09-26

  1. Flow I recently get "A message from a non-valid JID arrived, it has been ignored." from gajim
  2. Flow is there any way to determine which JID that is? I think the message should show some more information about the non-valid JID
  3. Link Mauve Flow, apparently it’s due to a resource containing an astral character.
  4. Link Mauve I’m not aware of any fix for now.
  5. Flow I'd like to determine if the resource is in fact invalid or if gajim is wrong here
  6. Flow so I need to see the resource/JID causing this
  7. Link Mauve The other day, someone used the nickname “💩”.
  8. 😻 Flow, did you reproduce?
  9. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7818 (Gajim roster doesn't show some contacts) closed worksforme: After some debugging, user can't reproduce anymore. Re-open if someone can.
  10. Asterix Invalid JID:😻, ignoring it
  11. 😻 Yep, that’s apparently a bug.
  12. GreenBlood Same here
  13. 😻 You shouldn’t use modal dialogs for such errors, ever.
  14. GreenBlood Its been more than a week of this message
  15. daurnimator fix it ;)
  16. 😻 And you should somehow fix your Unicode detection, because my current nick is causing it issues.
  17. daurnimator 😻: we can't see your messages. leave the room and come back. you may have to remove this room from your bookmarks before it lets you change nick
  18. Asterix this guy should not be allowed to come in a room, it seems his resource is invalid. so prosody should not allow him to enter
  19. MattJ It's not invalid
  20. Asterix so it's Gajim's falut then
  21. daurnimator Asterix, it is valid. gajim just thinks it's not
  22. MattJ It's just using new unicode codepoints
  23. Asterix so it's Gajim's fault then
  24. daurnimator yup. I reported it in here a few days ago
  25. daurnimator now people are trying it out ;)
  26. MattJ They used to be undefined, but now in the newer versions of unicode, they are defined
  27. Asterix ok, but nodeprep has been updated to allow them?
  28. MattJ So it might not be Gajim's fault, but one of its dependencies
  29. MattJ Well Prosody also uses nodeprep (from libidn)
  30. MattJ So could be related to libidn version?
  31. MattJ if Gajim uses that
  32. Asterix Gajim use nodeprep taken from a python lib I don't remember
  33. MattJ ah
  34. daurnimator twisted? or sleekxmpp
  35. daurnimator those are the 2 around
  36. daurnimator if you haven't read it already; is an interesting postmortem on a similar bug
  37. Asterix twisted yes
  38. daurnimator Link Mauve, welcome back
  39. Link Mauve ^^'
  40. Link Mauve I didn’t have to leave, though.
  41. Link Mauve So I said: 22:43:10 > Yep, that’s apparently a bug. 22:43:22 > You shouldn’t use modal dialogs for such errors, ever. 22:43:49 > And you should somehow fix your Unicode detection, because my current nick is causing it issues.
  42. Asterix we use that:
  43. daurnimator Link Mauve, anything you said since 8am we haven't seen.
  44. daurnimator the issue is fixed as of twisted version 11.0.0
  45. daurnimator so just copy/paste the new code :P
  46. daurnimator
  47. MattJ aaaaand remove the modal dialog ;)
  48. daurnimator that too
  49. MattJ nn
  50. Asterix I don't see any diff between our version and the one you linked
  51. Asterix could you try to get your nick Link Mauve ?
  52. daurnimator Asterix, maybe the from unicodedata import ucd_3_2_0 as unicodedata ?
  53. Asterix yes I tried that
  54. 🐬 Nah, getting another nick.
  55. Asterix that doesn't seem to be the same nick, or at least it's presented differently now, but I still get the error message
  56. Asterix Invalid JID:🐬, ignoring it
  57. Asterix if you'r talking, I don't see anything ...
  58. Link Mauve Yep, it’s a dolphin now.
  59. Link Mauve Because it’s my favourite GameCube emulator. o/
  60. Asterix ok. so latest twisted lib doesn't seems to fix it ... or I haven't found what has changed (I can't just copy paste the noew file as they depend on zope, and they are not py3 compatible
  61. daurnimator I only read that they had fixed it on a blog; not verified it or even from a good source
  62. daurnimator so looks like things still need updating
  63. Asterix I won't debug more than that ... those stringprep things are too complicated to understand