Gajim - 2014-09-23

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7831 (Ctrl+F should be Find, just like everywhere else) created Bug description Ctrl+F should be 'Find'. Now it sends file. It is inconsistent with all other applications. I would expect it to pop up a search entry of a roster. Steps to reproduce Press Ctrl+F when you want to find something. You get file dialog to send a file (even if send file button is disabled).
  2. daurnimator so; if you change your nick to some unicode characters; when you speak in room; gajim throws modal error about message from bad jid
  3. リンク daurnimator, really?
  4. Link Mauve Did you receive such an error again?
  5. daurnimator Link Mauve, no. try 💩 I think
  6. daurnimator then rejoin
  7. Link Mauve I don’t see that character.
  8. daurnimator ?
  9. Link Mauve Ok, some astral one.
  10. Link Mauve My glibc is too old for that.
  11. 💩 so what do you see now?
  12. Link Mauve I see your nick as a whitespace.
  13. daurnimator When I sent a message while with that nick; I got an "Invalid JID" modal
  14. daurnimator everyone else probably did too
  15. daurnimator furthermore, after changing back; gajim doesn't think that I am me.
  16. Link Mauve ^^'
  17. Link Mauve This is indeed a bug, then.
  18. 💩 Test, test.
  19. daurnimator yep. modals
  20. Link Mauve Ok, here it did work, but I’m not using Gajim.
  21. daurnimator 4 of them infact ;
  22. daurnimator Link Mauve, did you know you're sending chatstates to the room?
  23. guybrush88 Link Mauve, i'm getting the same issue, but only while trying to receive stuff
  24. mathieui daurnimator, yes he knows
  25. Link Mauve daurnimator, yes, this is a good thing.
  26. Link Mauve daurnimator, it would be cool to implement that in Gajim.