Gajim - 2014-09-15

  1. Asterix Link Mauve: True ;)
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  3. Link Mauve )
  4. Link Mauve :)
  5. Asterix arg there is somthing that should not go there in my commit
  6. Asterix I Was waiting for flow to test it that works ....
  7. Asterix but that doesn't hurt
  8. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7825 (Inconsistent menus in chat window/tab) created Problem There are two popup menus in chat window. One is displayed after right click on title, another pops up from cog-wheel icon at the bottom toolbar (alt+D). From user's perspective, these menus are the same, but they look a little bit different. When I open one of these I always have feeling like there is missing something, because the other menu looks different. But they are too si[…][…]
  9. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7826 (15.09.2014 17:56:12 (E) gajim.gtkgui_helpers: Unable to load icon …) created Bug description Two windows appear and are vanishing immediately, closing the application. Log entry states "15.09.2014 17:56:12 (E) gajim.gtkgui_helpers: Unable to load icon gtk-spell-check: Symbol »gtk-spell-check« nicht im Thema vorhanden", supposedly there is an icon missing somewhere… Reinstallation of th[…]
  10. arune Asterix: are strings closed even for a new advanced-config-parameter?
  11. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7827 (Lipo 13 Perdita di peso Suggerimenti e tattiche per sapere) created Placing while in the added kilos may seem similar to the ideal solution to glance lovely but can run your hand and cause you to able to lose the bikini look you have often wanted to maintain. The harsh authenticity is that losing weight just isn't as simple as successful goes a lot of annoyed people and are living lives really unfortunate. Nevertheless, it's not necessari[…][…]
  12. LordVan hi
  13. LordVan Asterix, i got a log from that error on windows when it tries to connect, wehn the vpn is not yet up
  14. LordVan didn'T check it for sensitive info yet so i don't want to publically post it for now
  15. Asterix sure
  16. Asterix could you send it to me by mail?
  17. LordVan sure
  18. LordVan or file transfer if you want
  19. LordVan anyway do you think it would contain sensitive information?
  20. Asterix yes probably if authentication is PLAIN
  21. LordVan what would i look for?
  22. Asterix base64 encoded string
  23. Asterix things that may look encrypted, but it's not (ba54d12e...)
  24. LordVan I assume it would be after this: gajim.c.connection: >>>>>> Connecting to [], type = tls
  25. LordVan actually i don'T think it gets far enough for that ^^
  26. LordVan there is the socket error right after that
  27. Asterix that will be after that yes
  28. LordVan ok that is the last 10 lines of the 6114 lines
  29. LordVan is that what you want or would you want the stuff before too?
  30. Asterix the stuff before should not be so usefull, I'll ask you if it is
  31. LordVan 03.09.2014 07:22:27 (D) gajim.c.ged: before-change-show Args: (<common.connection_handlers_events.BeforeChangeShowEvent object at 0x03EE8750>,) 03.09.2014 07:22:27 (D) gajim.c.connection: Connection to next host 03.09.2014 07:22:27 (I) gajim.c.connection: >>>>>> Connecting to [], type = tls 03.09.2014 07:22:27 (I) nbxmpp.plugin: Plugging <nbxmpp.transports_nb.NonBlockingTCP instance at 0x042A5C38> __INTO__ <nbxmpp.client_nb.NonBlockingClient instance at 0x042A5FD0> 03.09.2014 07:22:27 (I) nbxmpp.transports_nb: NonBlockingTCP Connect :: About to connect to 03.09.2014 07:22:27 (I) nbxmpp.transports_nb: Plugging fd 1252, W:True, R:False 03.09.2014 07:22:27 (I) nbxmpp.idlequeue: read timeout set for fd 1252 on 30 seconds 03.09.2014 07:22:27 (I) nbxmpp.transports_nb: After NB connect() of 69884984. error raised => CONNECTING: 03.09.2014 07:22:27 (I) nbxmpp.transports_nb: Ein nicht blockierender Socketvorgang konnte nicht sofort ausgeführt werden 03.09.2014 07:22:48 (I) nbxmpp.transports_nb: pollend called, state == CONNECTING 03.09.2014 07:22:48 (I) nbxmpp.idlequeue: read timeout removed for fd 1252 03.09.2014 07:22:56 (D) gajim.plugin_system: PluginInstallerPlugin.check_update() <entered> 03.09.2014 07:22:56 (D) gajim.plugin_system: PluginInstallerPlugin.check_update() <left> 03.09.2014 07:22:58 (D) gajim.plugin_system: PluginInstallerPlugin.warn_update() <entered> 03.09.2014 07:22:58 (D) gajim.plugin_system: PluginInstallerPlugin.warn_update() <left>
  32. LordVan good to know there is an automatic paste thing here :D
  33. LordVan i can translate the german if you want me to
  34. LordVan i forgot that it would do that on windows ^^
  35. Asterix yes please
  36. LordVan Ein nicht blockierender Socketvorgang konnte nicht sofort ausgeführt werden => A non-blocking socket operation cannot be executed immediately
  37. LordVan something like that anyway
  38. Asterix and nothing after that?
  39. LordVan also i have no idea why that one error is translated .. probably from windows directly
  40. LordVan well the stuff after taht is in english
  41. LordVan that was the only german line
  42. Asterix yes, I mean in the logs
  43. LordVan just those 2 lines afterwards: 03.09.2014 07:22:48 (I) nbxmpp.transports_nb: pollend called, state == CONNECTING 03.09.2014 07:22:48 (I) nbxmpp.idlequeue: read timeout removed for fd 1252
  44. LordVan and then the gajim.plugin_system plugininstaller stuff
  45. LordVan then i closed chat
  46. LordVan is there anything else you want me to look for in the log?
  47. Asterix is it the end of the logs? Gajim crashed after that?
  48. LordVan no it does not crash
  49. LordVan i just get the UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0xfc in position 136: invalid start byte error
  50. LordVan then i can still use gajim
  51. LordVan I just closed gajim afterwards to restart it again with logs turned down and vpn on so i can chat again
  52. LordVan btw
  53. LordVan at the very top of the log is this:
  54. LordVan 03.09.2014 07:22:22 (E) gajim.gtkgui_helpers: Unable to load icon gtk-spell-check: Symbol »gtk-spell-check« nicht im Thema vorhanden Logger gajim level set to 1 Logger nbxmpp level set to 1 03.09.2014 07:22:22 (D) gajim.c.resolver: Import of libasyncns-python failed, getaddrinfo will block Traceback (most recent call last): File "src\common\", line 44, in <module> File "src\common\", line 95, in _demandimport ImportError: No module named libasyncns 03.09.2014 07:22:22 (I) gajim.c.resolver: Using NSLookupResolver
  55. Asterix yes that's not related
  56. Asterix and I have the reason ... printing german or any languages error message is not possible. Windows console doesn't do utf-8 or I don't know what ....
  57. LordVan anyway if you need anything else just message me directly and let me know. i gotta go now so cu later ;)
  58. arune is it possible to make gajim encrypt password under windows?
  59. Asterix curently no
  60. Asterix and I don't see how to encrypt it without asking you a password at one moment ...
  61. arune Asterix, isn't there some keystore/keyring in windows?
  62. Asterix not that i'm aware of (but I'm not away of a lot of things under windows...)
  63. Asterix and it has to be accessible from python ...
  64. arune seems to be possible
  65. Asterix Windows Credential Vault somthing that nobody uses on it's machine? or something that you have to buy 1000$? or something that "shares" password with NSA for your own security of course ?
  66. Asterix :)
  67. Asterix ha ... first link is microsoft. so 1st, 2nd and 3rd points are probably not totaly wrong
  68. arune Should be built in, there must be something similar to gnome keyring
  69. Asterix ok ... to be tested ... patch welcome of course! :)
  70. arune Asterix: is it to late for an advanced config param for 0.16?
  71. Asterix hmm yes
  72. arune Due to translations?
  73. Asterix yes
  74. arune I did not know the config params were translated
  75. Asterix only error messages that are printed in console or logs are not translated
  76. arune Ok, thanks