Gajim - 2014-09-12

  1. mozmck Hi, just stated using gajim for the carbon support - linux mint 16
  2. mozmck I have an account on, and, and if I try to log in from 2 computers on either of those accounts, they log each other out.
  3. mozmck Why is that and how do I make it work properly?
  4. mozmck using gajim 0.15.4 from the mint/ubuntu repository
  5. 0xAFFE mozmck, you need to set different resources for different computers
  6. mozmck 0xAFFE, that's interesting. A friend installed 0.16-rc2 on windows and they somehow modified their own resources.
  7. 0xAFFE mozmck, if you set an empty resource the server will generate one for you
  8. mozmck he has it on two computers, and the one showed up as Gajim, the other as Gajim_
  9. mozmck Ok, so I guess on mine it has Gajim for the default on both clients. Just set custom resources and that worked - thanks!
  10. mozmck is there an easy way to tell if a server supports xep0280 message carbons without knowing the server version?
  11. mozmck Oh, and is there an easier way to enable message carbons than the advanced editor?
  12. mozmck Another question, can I turn off all the status messages in the chat window?
  13. unclechu hello. gajim doesn't send notifies about messages via libnotify, did i need to do something to fix this? may be i need plugin or something?
  14. Orhideous Oh, unclechu, thanks, you reminded me to ask a question here. When Gajim will work with GTK3? I'm writing a plug-in to support the new Messaging Menu on Ubuntu 14.04.
  15. Orhideous This feature based on using GObject-introspection python bindings, which can not be mixed with current «static» gobject import.
  16. unclechu how i can view jabber-serfices of server?
  17. unclechu conferences, transports, etc. ?
  18. unclechu oh, sorry, "actions" -> "discover services"
  19. Link Mauve Orhideous, it’s already in the default branch.
  20. Link Mauve Clone the hg repository, and it’s here.
  21. Link Mauve Using Python 3.x, GTK+ 3.x, Gstreamer 1.x, all that through gobject-introspection.
  22. Orhideous Link Mauve, ok. How I can run it? (from hg)
  23. Link Mauve ./
  24. Link Mauve No need to install it or run make, except if you want to build the locales.
  25. Orhideous Link Mauve, thanks.
  26. Link Mauve :)