Gajim - 2014-09-11

  1. Orhideous So, what about the discrepancies the code in the repository and in the DEB-package?
  2. Link Mauve Orhideous, what kind of differences are there?
  3. Orhideous Link, in short: «nightly» package contains old code, not from trunk.
  4. Orhideous Despite the fact that the version in the "About" the same as hash of the last branch.
  5. Link Mauve Yes, I’ve read that, but I’m asking about the actual differences.
  6. unclechu hi there, how i can disable login/offline message for conferences?
  7. Link Mauve Somewhere in the ACE, IIRC.
  8. unclechu hi there, how i can disable enter/leave messages for conferences in gajim?
  9. arune unclechu, also in advanced editor
  10. unclechu arune, any help with key name?
  11. arune unclechu, will check
  12. arune print_status_in_muc = none I think
  13. unclechu arune, thanks
  14. unclechu can i hide any conferences tabs in gajim?
  15. unclechu like in psi+?
  16. unclechu
  17. arune unclechu: hide? You can minimize them?
  18. unclechu arune, i'm using "all in one window"
  19. unclechu mode
  20. arune Me too
  21. arune But you can minimize rooms
  22. arune Right click, select minimize on close, close tab
  23. unclechu arune, wow! it's that i need, thanks again :)
  24. unclechu why i can't get notify about messages by libnotify in gajim? opensuse 13.1, package 'python-notify' is installed
  25. unclechu i will try gnome-shell plugin too, it's doesn't work too