Gajim - 2014-09-09

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  2. arune hello
  3. arune when log is fetched from the server, there seems to be charset issues:
  4. arune [11:02:29] ‎Anders Sandblad (mobile) has set the subject to Official QRTECH chat ‎‎Yesterday‎ [18:59:36] ‎Linus Lundin‎: Gott
  5. arune is it an openfire problem or gajim?
  6. Link Mauve On XMPP there is only UTF-8, nothing else.
  7. Link Mauve My guess would be the server’s database is configured wrongly.
  8. arune could be yes
  9. arune openfire / mysql, but seems to be using utf8_general_ci
  10. Link Mauve I still have nightmares about encoding from my PHP/MySQL days. :D
  11. arune openfire seems to be saving the log time in the database as epoch
  12. arune Link Mauve, :) I know exactly what you mean!
  13. arune I'm in the process of moving to prosody on the server side
  14. Link Mauve While keeping the MySQL backend, or using plain files?
  15. arune plain I think
  16. arune from what Ive read, thats what prosody recommends
  17. arune I've not seen the mobile client having problems with the timestamp of muc log messages
  18. Link Mauve That’s what I’d recommend as well.
  19. Link Mauve And what I’m currently using, for the past few years.
  20. Dr. Watson ¡Buenas noches! everyone
  21. arune Link Mauve, Id say that is a gajim bug since I dont get the same on Gajim on linux
  22. Link Mauve Hmm…
  23. Link Mauve Maybe report the bug then.
  24. erlehmann Haha i am using the n900!
  25. Link Mauve Asterix: On latest hg: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/linkmauve/dev/gajim/src/", line 1947, in on_num_button_pressed self._get_audio_content()._start_dtmf(num) File "/home/linkmauve/dev/gajim/src/common/", line 148, in _start_dtmf event = {'*': farstream.DTMF_EVENT_STAR, AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'DTMF_EVENT_STAR'
  26. Asterix Link Mauve: c'est quoi ce farstream ....
  27. Asterix le meme que le mien ... :/
  28. Asterix quelle idee de vouloir tester le DTMF aussi :)
  29. Link Mauve Ça faisait des bruits rigolos sur l’autre machine. ^^
  30. Link Mauve Et sinon, j’ai pas réussi à avoir la vidéo, alors que le son et le DTMF fonctionnaient.
  31. Link Mauve Avec un Empathy de l’autre côté.
  32. Link Mauve J’ai pas les logs.
  33. Link Mauve Je retesterai un de ces jours.
  34. Asterix t'as not that bad sound works with empathy. nice to do some interrop tests.
  35. Asterix any logs with the windows utf-8 bug?
  36. Link Mauve No, but I can retry if you want.
  37. Link Mauve How do I enable it, again?
  38. Asterix verbose in ACE
  39. Link Mauve Hmm, no, my father is asleep.
  40. Link Mauve I’ll test tomorrow.
  41. Asterix ok thanks
  42. Link Mauve IIRC with Empathy I got an out-of-order message in the window, but I didn’t debug it further.
  43. Asterix ha ok, so maybe a protocole issue. strange that it works with sound and not video ...
  44. Link Mauve I’m overall quite sad about the state of audio/video in Gajim, it worked fine years ago.
  45. Link Mauve In the exact same configuration, Gajim on my end, Empathy on my sister’s laptop.
  46. Link Mauve Also, some guy came here a few days ago trying to interop with his n900 phone, his name is erlehmann.
  47. Link Mauve if you want the logs.
  48. Asterix the problem is that nobody is comortable with this part. I know nearly nothing about gstreamer / farstream stack
  49. Asterix no idea how to debug thing and see what's going wrong
  50. Link Mauve Yeah, same here. :/
  51. Link Mauve But I think upgrading to 1.x would be a very useful first step.
  52. Link Mauve I often read about the improvements they do to their stack, it’s becoming easier and easier.
  53. Asterix yep will do that in default branch