Gajim - 2014-09-08

  1. heavymetal Hi
  2. heavymetal Running last hg version raises an AttributeError: 'bytes' object has no attribute 'encode' in /usr/lib/python3.4/site-packages/nbxmpp/
  3. heavymetal (python-nbxmpp is installed from hg too)
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  5. noon hello
  6. 0xAFFE hi noon
  7. 0xAFFE (no pun intended ;-))
  8. noon :-)
  9. kruks23 hello, there is a release date for the new version 0.16?
  10. noon is there a working version of the event dump plugin for gajim 0.16-rc2?
  11. arune I can't get gajim to start on one of my computers, it was working fine last week but today it wont start
  12. arune I was running nightly but today I installed rc2 from debian repos but it still wont start
  13. arune with "start" I mean that I get no gui, at all
  14. arune is it possible to run some verbose commandline to see what happens or should I nuke some config dir?
  15. vorner If you start it from command line, what does it write? There'd be some error.
  16. arune it doesnt write anything on commandline
  17. vorner You can try the -v flag
  18. vorner it doesn't write and terminates, or just sits there?
  19. arune when I do ctrl+c it prints a traceback
  20. arune yes, it doesnt write anything and doesnt terminate until I kill it
  21. vorner Just a stupid question… does an icon appear in the tray? Or, could it be that the window appears somewhere out of the screen?
  22. arune started with -v not and it prints a lot!
  23. vorner Well, you asked for something verbose ;-)
  24. arune vorner, could be, this is ubuntu so I dont have tray
  25. vorner You could try running gajim-remote toggle_roster_appearance when it is not showing up. If it was just hidden, it should appear.
  26. arune arune@d152:~$ gajim-remote toggle_roster_appearance It seems Gajim is not running. So you can't use gajim-remote.
  27. vorner Did you try it when it was in that „stuck“ state?
  28. arune by the looks of the terminal output with -v I'd say its running
  29. vorner Hmm. Strange. No idea here (but some developer might have).
  30. arune hmm, the "stuck" state is when I run without -v?
  31. vorner It would be the same, with or without -v
  32. arune I'm logged in to the xmpp server and it looks like the client has connected but not really sure since I have like 8 clients
  33. vorner Do you have any kind of notifications enabled? What if you try to send yourself a message?
  34. arune ok, so I killed gajim and one of the clients disapeared in the openfire session manager
  35. arune vorner, I probably have to kill all other clients to get a notification
  36. vorner why?
  37. vorner you can right-click and choose the one to send the message to specifically
  38. arune some other client probably have higer prio
  39. arune aha
  40. arune cool
  41. arune so I got a notification in ubuntu
  42. arune and some error in the commandline output (not running -v):
  43. arune arune@d152:~$ gajim /usr/share/gajim/src/ GtkWarning: gtk_tree_model_filter_real_unref_node: assertion 'elt->ref_count > 0' failed self.tree.set_cursor(path)
  44. arune looks like I only get notification for first message