Gajim - 2014-09-06

  1. arune Ahh
  2. Dr. Watson BUG!!! In the OTR plugin I guess! I tried to start an encrypted OTR-session with my second account (from gajim to the jappix web client). I expected that to fail because doesn't have a javascript OTR feature. As expected it failed, and Gajim kept sending unencrypted packets. But Gajim kept saying "unauthenticated otr session" and didn't tell me that the messages went out in plaintext. Someone please fix that
  3. Dr. Watson Is the windows binary for 0.16-rc2 shipping with all the dependencies?
  4. Asterix arune: no that wouldn't be a lot of work, but one can think that closing the window is a normal way to leave the room
  5. Asterix Dr. Watson, it'ssupposed to, yes
  6. arune Asterix: we're creating bookmarks for users server side with the "minimized" tag set (opening 12 tabs on connect is not nice) but then the expected behavior is to open a muc and be able to close it again without risk of leaving the chat
  7. Asterix I understand and in this case that sounds logical. but a standard user just look for a room, join it, and leave it by closing the chat window ...
  8. arune Regular chats are closed but then they are automatically opened upon new conversation from the other person, leaving a muc is worse
  9. arune Would you accept a patch for a config option for v0.16?
  10. Asterix unfotunatly string are frozen, and a config option has a string explaining the option, so not for 0.16