Gajim - 2014-09-05

  1. Dr. Watson #1
  2. bot Dr. Watson: (Error with online statut)
  3. Dr. Watson just testing, don't mind me
  4. Dr. Watson Let's discuss an interesting topic for, say, 20 minutes. I'm waiting for my job to end and it is quite boring
  5. Dr. Watson noone interested... too bad
  6. Dr. Watson says hi
  7. arune oh, hi :)
  8. Dr. Watson /ping
  9. Dr. Watson /ping arune
  10. arune sorr to hear you have a boring job!?
  11. Dr. Watson just explaining something to a friend, don't mind me
  12. Dr. Watson Yeah, if it gets late noone wants my help and i still have to sit around and wait for people to come
  13. arune like a helpdesk? IT?
  14. arune I have a great job
  15. arune can't wait for monday
  16. Dr. Watson no, it's like a hotel
  17. arune aha
  18. Dr. Watson or youth hostel
  19. arune sounds not really fun
  20. Dr. Watson during the day it's busy and there are other jobs toi do but in the evening everything is done
  21. Dr. Watson Enjoy your day!
  22. Dr. Watson btw what's your great job?#
  23. arune thanks, or night, to you too
  24. Dr. Watson thx
  25. arune I'm working with designing circuit boards mostly
  26. Dr. Watson nice
  27. arune but Im also doing a lot of IT work for the same company
  28. Dr. Watson that sounds fun. I plan on studying it too
  29. arune also developing some tools for the systems around circuit board design
  30. arune like component (pcb-components like IC, resistors etc) management and review systems
  31. Dr. Watson all the good things
  32. arune curently Im using php and javascript/jquery
  33. arune I love it
  34. Dr. Watson oh those are cool, I'm webdeveloper
  35. Dr. Watson but I don't need to tell you, I think I mentioned that earlier
  36. arune I've not been lurking here very long so Ive missed that
  37. arune Im actually rolling out xmpp and gajim at my work for chat, lync was to expensive and as I like open source I prefere an open system
  38. Dr. Watson I designed the new download page for Gajim that will replace the current one once 0.16 releases
  39. arune but I found xmpp being in a sad state
  40. arune cool!
  41. Dr. Watson XMPP is a good tool to work with. but the client needs to be well designed in order to fit professional needs
  42. arune yes, desktop clients needs to be more slim, but need modern features like carbon copies
  43. arune I found conversations for android which is great
  44. Dr. Watson Gajim is in the best way. I retried pidgin a few weeks ago and i have to say Gajim does a better job
  45. arune also we run openfire bur will probably switch to prosody, openfire is quite buggy
  46. arune yes gajim is better
  47. Dr. Watson what about ejabberd?
  48. Dr. Watson I've heard that is one of the best
  49. arune Ive set up server side so muc rooms are created for all projects at work and all bookmarks are created for person for each project they are working in
  50. arune so gajim/conversation opens those bookmarks and autojoin and that works well
  51. GreenBlood Online bookmarks are best bookmarks
  52. arune not many xmpp clients supports muc bookmarks in a good way
  53. Dr. Watson My shioft is coming to an ending here. I need to go soon
  54. arune Dr. Watson, ejabberd or prosody seems like the best ones, but it seems like prosody will be easier fixing server side bookmarks for users etc
  55. Dr. Watson I use Xabber for my android and it works well AND supports OTR encryption. g2g
  56. arune Dr. Watson, se ya
  57. Dr. Watson bye
  58. arune Asterix: would it be a lot of work to and an advanced config option to always minimize mucs by default? I think its rather wrong to throw up a dialog when the user closes a muc dialog
  59. arune "to add an..."
  60. Link Mauve Asterix isn’t here for the moment. :p