Gajim - 2014-09-03

  1. Holger patrik: No, sorry, I use 14.x. You'd have to adjust the code a bit to make it work with 2.x.
  2. patrik Holger: Thanks. So it's possible to use the module with some small adjustments? Do you use 14.x within Debian?
  3. Holger patrik: The adjustments are not too heavy, but probably not easy to figure out unless you're into ejabberd development.
  4. Holger patrik: I build ejabberd from source (on Debian), but a proper 14.07 package will probably be available soon (it's in the NEW queue). Until then you could get one here:
  5. patrik Holger: Thank you very much. Last question. Do you use wheezy? Unfortunately I'm still under squeeze.
  6. Holger patrik: My production ejabberd is currently still running on squeeze, too.
  7. LordVan !help
  8. LordVan -help
  9. leon hi
  10. leon is there a reason why gajim has stopped tab completing topics in the /topic command in recent versions, or is it that a bug?
  11. leon at least in 0.16rc1 it doesn’t work
  12. noon hello
  13. aman is now evening or noon?
  14. LordVan depends where ^^
  15. patrik Holger: That's interesting. So did you install erlang from squeeze-backports and than built ejabberd 14.07 yourself?
  16. Holger patrik: Exactly.
  17. Holger patrik: But I do it that way just because I apply a bunch of local patches and whatnot anyway. Otherwise I'd install the package from
  18. patrik Holger: And really works? ;-) Very cool. Thank you very much for this hint.
  19. patrik Holger: But there are no 14.07 packages for squeeze.
  20. Holger patrik: Ah sorry, then I misinterpreted the table on <>.
  21. patrik Holger: "Ubuntu 12.04 and Debian Squeeze only contain ejabberd-2.1.13, because ejabberd 13.06 and newer requires a newer Erlang version."
  22. patrik Holger: So that's why I consider to build myself.
  23. patrik Holger: But good to know that it works for you. Thanks!
  24. Holger patrik: Ah, I hadn't scrolled down that far, sorry :-)
  25. Holger patrik: Yes, building from source works fine for me. Feel free to ping me if you try it yourself and run into issues, but I guess we should now really save this room from further ejabberd talk :-)
  26. patrik Holger: Thank you very much. And yes you're completely right! This is the end of this discussion. ;-)
  27. Dr. Watson How do I explain why to use decentralized XMPP instead of facebook, google hangouts etc? if the person doesn't care about online privacy
  28. arune Dr. Watson: does he/she care about open source? 😒
  29. Dr. Watson That's a good point. But I don't have a special person in mind at this moment, but the question came up multiple times in the past and most of them didn't care about that either.
  30. vorner Do they care about their service of choice suddenly shutting down? Or censoring the posts?
  31. Dr. Watson Neither nor. They simply don't care at all about those important things. All they want is mainstream communication with all the normal not-nerds
  32. mrDoctorWho that's problem of service. They see fb or others like a good service, so they don't care about anything else and they won't change it to another which is probably will be not as good as was previous.
  33. Dr. Watson And I have to confess that my buddy list is quite empty, so in terms off "all the world is filling my contact list" they are right. XMPP is not as easy to set up, too
  34. mrDoctorWho this is a problem of clients, not protocol's
  35. Dr. Watson But you can encrypt your connection to the server, you can encrypt your message all the way to its destination and you can trust most of the server admins
  36. mrDoctorWho they tell "nobody needs to spy on me"
  37. Dr. Watson Because a lot of them refuse to filter all the things
  38. Dr. Watson Yeah, "I have nothing to hide"
  39. mrDoctorWho exactly
  40. Dr. Watson I do agree on that but if I send you a message I don't want it to be read by whoever is able to read my traffic
  41. Dr. Watson Because I send it to exactly you and not the nsa.
  42. mrDoctorWho by the way you're now sending through 3rd-person's server
  43. Dr. Watson What about an easy to use client for all the services you might ever use? Email, XMPP, Facebook, Twitter, IRC, etc... but let it have easy to use security protocols like OTR, PGP/GPG, SMP, etc
  44. Dr. Watson (there is pidgin which needs the easy-to-use part and gui improvements)
  45. mrDoctorWho That would be funny to encrypt the twitter
  46. mrDoctorWho that's microblogging service, why it should be encrypted then?
  47. Link Mauve What about Gajim is “not as easy to set up” as facebook?
  48. Link Mauve Because last time I looked at it, you needed to have a working email address and to give a shitton of informations, before you could register to facebook.
  49. Link Mauve While Gajim requires a server, an username and a password.
  50. mrDoctorWho The social networks goal was is to make a easy way to find your friends. I'm not telling that's not possible in xmpp, but people don't know about that. Now we came to another problem: jabber is not advertised
  51. Link Mauve Ah, that.
  52. Dr. Watson You are right. We need to advertise Jabber!
  53. Dr. Watson Just tested what the ACE says in terms of empty resource strings. Turns out that there it works with an empty string and (after reconnecting) the server generates a random resource string for me (or Gajim, dunno). So the GUI needs to be fixed there, but I can't do it.