Gajim - 2014-09-01

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  2. LordVan does gajim 0.16rc2 support MAM protocol?
  3. Asterix LordVan: no, patch is not included: not tested enough, string are frozen
  4. LordVan err
  5. LordVan Asterix, i am not sure what you are referring to now
  6. LordVan MAM ?
  7. Asterix yes'
  8. LordVan ok i read the bug inbetween (zash gave me the link)
  9. Dr. Watson I go to the account settings. I want to remove the resource string so the server can give me one. But once I clear the text box and click "close" Gajim sets the resource to "Gajim". What can I do about that?
  10. Dr. Watson I go to the account settings. I want to remove the resource string so the server can give me one. But once I clear the text box and click "close" Gajim sets the resource to "Gajim". What can I do about that?
  11. Asterix Dr. Watson: propose a patch to fix the problem? :)
  12. Dr. Watson Will look into that
  13. GreenBlood Maybe the server ain't providing ressource
  14. ruud Can i make a phonecall with my Samsung smartphone
  15. Asterix sure, type a number, press the green key and you should hear the guy
  16. ruud Great..
  17. ruud Thanks
  18. Asterix like all other phones ...
  19. GreenBlood What just happened
  20. Asterix but I don't understand why you talk about the in Gajim's room
  21. ruud does't work - i got a girl..
  22. ruud Well, can i make (set up) a call connection, just like in Skype
  23. Asterix Gajim can't run on a phone, except if you hav python / gtk on your phone
  24. ruud Gajim doesn't have an app for making phonecalls?
  25. GreenBlood Gajim is not a phone app. There's XMPP clients running on phones, though.
  26. ruud Can you name one?
  27. Asterix Gajim is an app that can do audio / video calls (I don't know what you call phone calls. If you talk about 2G / 3G calls, of course no)
  28. ruud Phone call via Wifi..
  29. Asterix so I'd call it audio calls. I'm not aware of a xmpp client that does that on android :/
  30. Asterix unfrtunatly
  31. ruud :)
  32. GreenBlood mobile clients are pretty basic, thats sad
  33. ruud Is it possible/difficult to make it on Gajim (just like skype)
  34. Asterix it's possible, but not on a mobile phone
  35. ruud I mean, phone connect to wifi, connect to server and setup a phone call, not via 3G or 4G
  36. GreenBlood Gajim can not run on an android phone.
  37. Asterix Gajim can't run on a phone
  38. ruud Oke thanks..
  39. ruud Are there clients who can?
  40. GreenBlood I don't think so, not yet at least
  41. ruud i think there is market for..
  42. GreenBlood Problem is audio uses Jingle, and Jingle is pretty new
  43. ruud ok..
  44. ruud Thanks for your answers... bye bye for now..
  45. Link Mauve Asterix, I can run Gajim on my Debian phone just fine. :p
  46. GreenBlood Cheat.
  47. Link Mauve Jingle would probably work if I plug a camera. :p
  48. Link Mauve Although it doesn’t have the raw power required to encode it. ^^'
  49. Asterix Link Mauve: I knew you would answer that ;)
  50. Link Mauve GreenBlood, Jingle is ~2006.
  51. Link Mauve Version 0.0.1 (2005-10-06) First draft. (psa/jjh)
  52. GreenBlood Oh.
  53. Link Mauve So just 9 years.
  54. GreenBlood Time flies
  55. Dr. Watson Asterix, I cannot find the problem in the code. Need help to fix it
  56. Dr. Watson g2g, see you next time!
  57. Asterix src/ -> def on_resource_entry1_focus_out_event(self, widget, event):
  58. Asterix haa ...
  59. patrik Does anyone know a ejabberd (2.1.x) implementation of carbons other than which cannot handle encrypted private messages?
  60. Holger patrik: How should a Carbon module handle encrypted private messages?
  61. Holger patrik: I use the module shipped with ejabberd 14.07, which works fine for me. Unlike the module you mentioned, it handles the <private/> correctly, if that's what you mean. Other than that, I don't see how encrypted messages should be treated specially.
  62. Holger Either way, this is probably a question for <> rather than this room.