Gajim - 2014-08-30

  1. MatthL hello all, I ran into a small problem trying to divert the executable
  2. MatthL APP=`basename $0` doesn't work if the exec is diverted to say gajim.real
  3. MatthL this probably a maintainer issue though, but I figured the debian maintainer maybe hangs around here
  4. Asterix Why would the exec not be called gajim?
  5. MatthL Asterix: because of divertion
  6. MatthL dpkg-divert allows one to rename a file/executable
  7. MatthL it is used (for executations) to write wrappers around executables
  8. Asterix hmm ok. Any idea what would be a better way to get the app name?
  9. MatthL well the history manager is hardcoded in there so I'm not sure why "gajim" can't be
  10. MatthL use a switch case, default to "gajim"
  11. Asterix there is also gajim-remote
  12. Asterix and it you rename gajim-history-manager that's the same problem, the script won't work
  13. MatthL it's a bit hackish, but another option would be to strip anything after a '.' since divertion usually (but not always hence the hackish part) rename to something like <filename>.real
  14. Asterix hmm I Don't like this kind of "solution" :/
  15. MatthL me neither ;)
  16. Asterix BBL
  17. MatthL another simpler option is just two make two three executables different and hardcode the name of the package
  18. MatthL s/two/the