Gajim - 2014-08-26

  1. Dr. Watson is typing something to help gpg generate more entropy
  2. LordVan hi
  3. LordVan got a question: Asterix has asked me to test a patch but I am not sure how i would "apply" it on the windows version (binary installer and all) any ideas?
  4. LordVan hm does the bot do messages? ..
  5. LordVan -help
  6. LordVan !hel
  7. Link Mauve LordVan, once it is installed you have access to the python files without issue.
  8. Asterix I don't remember if windows installer installs .py or .pyc ...
  9. Asterix Link Mauve: were you able to get logs under win?
  10. Link Mauve No, my father had to go back to the hospital, his next chemo got moved to today.
  11. Link Mauve But when he’ll come back I’ll definitely try again.
  12. Asterix thanks, and good luck to your father!
  13. Link Mauve ^^
  14. LordVan there are no .py
  15. Asterix So you can't apply the patch. It was about metacontacts, right?
  16. LordVan yeah i have the
  17. LordVan that has .pyc
  18. LordVan i duno if ti would work to just put a .py in there instead of .pyc
  19. LordVan windows is a pain .. ^ ^
  20. Asterix good question, never tried that ... but that's a good thing to test :)
  21. LordVan lol
  22. LordVan well could you send me the .py file complete so i have the correct version of it for sure?
  23. LordVan or pastebin it
  24. Asterix click on raw link on the left
  25. Asterix then you can add the return from thepatch
  26. LordVan you mean to the zip file?
  27. LordVan also isn't this version more recent than my rc2 ?
  28. LordVan i mean fine with me as long as it is compatible ^^
  29. Asterix it is compatible, no problem. Yes, replace the .pyc by this .py to test if it works
  30. LordVan ok will do when i get a chan ce bit stressy atm
  31. Asterix sure, thanks
  32. LordVan or i could try it on my linux box that uses .py anyway obviously ;) haha
  33. LordVan not sure if i have the bug there
  34. LordVan back
  35. LordVan Asterix, i just noticed I was thinking of the wrong bug ..
  36. LordVan that bug #7787 is not the one i manged to reporduce here
  37. LordVan It was this one: Traceback (most recent call last): File "src\", line 2455, in process_connections File "c:\python27\lib\site-packages\nbxmpp\", line 512, in process File "c:\python27\lib\site-packages\nbxmpp\", line 461, in pollend File "c:\python27\lib\site-packages\nbxmpp\", line 206, in _on_connect_failure File "c:\python27\lib\site-packages\nbxmpp\", line 476, in disconnect UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0xfc in position 136: invalid start byte
  38. LordVan so obviously that patch did nto do anythign .. :(
  39. LordVan my mistake
  40. LordVan oh he's gone
  41. Asterix and he is back :)
  42. Asterix LordVan: indeed this one I didn't know you were able to reproduce it. Link Mauve reported it. For this one I'd need you to enable verbose, restart Gajim and show me the log. I have to go, I'll be back late this evening
  43. LordVan how do i enable v erbose?
  44. LordVan well anyway just let me know how to do this
  45. Asterix in ACE