Gajim - 2014-08-25

  1. goffi hi
  2. goffi it's seems there is a bug in otr plugin, actually I think it's in potr: if you use a jid with non ascii charactere, there is an exception. I think it's due to the msg.encode('ascii') in potr.context.getDefaultQueryMessage
  3. goffi FYI: the bug is fixed in dev version of potr, a new release with the fix is on its way, probably later this week.
  4. goffi bye
  5. Dr. Watson
  6. pistos When I have Gajim open on more than one machine at once, it goes crazy disconnecting and reconnecting repeatedly like once every 15 seconds. To stop it, I have to go offline on one machine, and only be online from one machine at a time. This is rather inconvenient. :P Any tips?
  7. Link Mauve Change your resource.
  8. pistos My who? :)
  9. pistos (link to docs?)
  10. Link Mauve Btw Asterix, wouldn’t it be better to leave the resource blank by default, to prevent that kind of issue?
  11. Link Mauve pistos, hmm, in the account configuration, you can probably set the resource.
  12. pistos looks.
  13. GreenBlood pistos, in account configuration yep
  14. GreenBlood Third line, under Password
  15. pistos I see "Auto-reconnect when connection is lost". I have just now unchecked that. Let's try that.
  16. Link Mauve It’s not a good solution imo.
  17. Link Mauve XMPP is perfectly fine with many clients connected to the same account at the same time.
  18. pistos Well, I see no reference to "resource". Gajim 0.15.4.
  19. pistos Third line under Password is "Administration operations".
  20. GreenBlood i get that
  21. GreenBlood But I'm on beta gajim
  22. GreenBlood It maaay be why
  23. pistos GreenBlood: Je vois la même chose, mais en anglais.
  24. pistos Link Mauve: Indeed, I find it surprising that I'm getting this behaviour. Is this a server-side problem, perhaps?
  25. Link Mauve It’s mostly a client-initiated issue.
  26. pistos Oh there, Resource is the first line under Password. Dunno how I missed that.
  27. GreenBlood Aye
  28. Link Mauve Gajim defaults the resource (the free-form identifier used to uniquely identify a session) to "Gajim", and if two clients try to use the same unique identifier it’s impossible.
  29. pistos So, I just set these to two different things in the two clients?
  30. Link Mauve Yeah.
  31. Link Mauve Leaving it empty will get your server to generate it for you.
  32. pistos Awesome, thanks, this looks like it'll work.
  33. Link Mauve Asterix, I think it might be a good idea to change the default resource to nothing, btw.
  34. pistos Yeah, that seems like a good idea.
  35. GreenBlood or a random string maybe ? Some server don't provide ressources, dont they ?
  36. Link Mauve All of them do, it’s in the RFC.
  37. GreenBlood Oh
  38. pistos Thanks for your help, guys.
  39. Link Mauve You’re welcome. :)
  40. GreenBlood o/
  41. Asterix yep, Gajim_random chars would be better
  42. Link Mauve Why not let the server decide?
  43. GreenBlood Link Mauve, on the other server I use, if I remove the ressource and reconnect, its still back to "Gajim"
  44. Link Mauve Oh?
  45. GreenBlood Yep
  46. GreenBlood And my prosody server has no resource set on the client side, and prosody does the job
  47. caylakpenguen selam
  48. caylakpenguen hi
  49. caylakpenguen from turkey
  50. caylakpenguen my chat
  51. GreenBlood riiight
  52. LordVan lol
  53. LordVan well i gotta head to bed. cyas