Gajim - 2014-08-24

  1. linkmauve Asterix, the Windows error I gave you the other day happen right after he's trying to connect, there is nothing in the XML console.
  2. linkmauve I should be able to test until next saturday.
  3. linkmauve This is 0.16-rc2 on Windows 7.
  4. Asterix linkmauve: I have to go now, but yes that'll be interesting if you can repro.
  5. Asterix maybe running with verbose option enabled and see log file
  6. Asterix BBL
  7. linkmauve How to do that on Windows? ^^'
  8. linkmauve cmd.exe?
  9. linkmauve I ran it using > gajim.exe -v, but I don't know where to see the logs.
  10. linkmauve Gah, I hate Windows!
  11. linkmauve Why is everything so complicated there? /o\
  12. Dr. Watson Just started pidgin the first time in a long while and the first thing I'm missing is the all-in-one window where you have the roster and the chat in one window. And the options window isn't that user friendly too. Good job, guys, Gajim does this better
  13. caylakpenguen Selam
  14. Dr. Watson Is this actually a word?
  15. Asterix Link Mauve: go in ACE (or edit config file), enable verbose then restart and logs go to c:\users\LOGIN\App Data\Roaming\Gajim
  16. arune Asterix, any idea why I get this cert error in gajim?
  17. arune I use the same cert on another account for and for that account I dont think gajim warns on connect
  18. arune Does gajim do a reverse lookup of the IP?
  19. arune (The ip of will lookup as an internal name and the IP of will be lookup correctly)
  20. Asterix No Gajim don't do reverse resolution. But I don't see the error you have, only the certifcate
  21. arune Asterix, ah, sorry, whenever I login there is an error that the cert cannot be verified
  22. arune Asterix, this is the error
  23. Asterix all right, but I don't understand this language ...
  24. GreenBlood There's the error string in english in the middle of that
  25. GreenBlood I guess
  26. Asterix yes the bold part is important
  27. arune Asterix, yes, partly swedish sucks :)
  28. arune my windows computer at work is in swedish but gajim is mostly in english :)
  29. arune First line: Error at verifying SSL-certificate
  30. Asterix yes swedish translation is a bit abandoned :/
  31. Asterix only the bold part interest me
  32. Asterix yes swedish translation is a bit abandoned :/
  33. arune can I have gajim in english without reinstalling the OS?
  34. arune the bold part: Could not verify the first certificate
  35. Asterix I think setting LC_ALL or LANG environment variable should work
  36. Asterix so in the certificate chain, there is probably one that you don't trust (that is not in /etc/ssl/certs/)
  37. arune when I press "view cert" I get the cert in my first paste
  38. arune Asterix, on the client?
  39. Asterix I'm not an expert in certificats. Mine are most of the time not trusted by clients and browsers because I don't want to pay for that.
  40. Asterix I can't help you much more unfortunatly. This is an error returned by openssl, wGajim just prints it
  41. arune ok, strange
  42. arune I'm hoping it'll just work when I switch to prosody instead of openfire on the server
  43. arune the real server, not the dev server