Gajim - 2014-08-23

  1. patrik Asterix: I tested carbons with 0.16-rc2 and yes it works. Thanks for the hint. But sometimes I had to enable it manually via the XML-console.
  2. Asterix ha weird ... o startup, we ask server its features. And if it supports carbons and if it's enabled in Gajim, then we enable it
  3. Asterix that would be interesting to know if it's Gajim that doesn't enable it or if it's server that don't correctly get our enable stanza
  4. patrik Mostly it works. How can I check, if this is a gajim or a server issue?
  5. Asterix by reading XML when you conenct
  6. Asterix when it works, no pb, when it doesn't XML will help understand what happens
  7. patrik I'll keep an eye of this.
  8. patrik So next time it doesn't work I won't enable via XML but reconnect and keep an eye on the XML messages.
  9. Asterix you should open XML console on each connection and close it if it works
  10. Asterix because on reconenction that'll work ... Murfy's law ...
  11. patrik ;-) ok!
  12. Dr. Watson I have a python question and Google didn't quite help me with that. So I'm writing a muc bot and when I type in #2 then its job is to lookup issue 2 from my github repo and view it. My question is: How do I check all the messages for a # followed by numbers? I quess it'll work with regex but how do I do that? My experiments gave me a bunch of false positives.
  13. Asterix #2
  14. bot Asterix: (click on systray icon -> hide / unhide)
  15. Dr. Watson Just like that
  16. Asterix
  17. Asterix this is my code
  18. Dr. Watson That's nice! Will steal some of it :D
  19. Asterix it's free of charge for this time ;)
  20. Dr. Watson If you want you can follow my progress on github :D
  21. Dr. Watson notices that he forgot to post the link
  22. Asterix will be deleted in 1 week
  23. Dr. Watson the paste you posted?
  24. Dr. Watson
  25. Asterix yes
  26. Asterix ha the github link ...
  27. Dr. Watson enjoy
  28. Asterix not using python-nbxmpp :(
  29. Dr. Watson sorry man
  30. Link Mauve Dr. Watson, there is Slixmpp now that is a fork of SleekXMPP but without threads.
  31. Link Mauve Python 3.4 only, using asyncio.
  32. Link Mauve The API is mostly the same.
  33. Dr. Watson I have some packet issues with py3.*
  34. Dr. Watson so I'm using 2.whatever
  35. Link Mauve :/
  36. Dr. Watson #77
  37. bot Dr. Watson: (gajim should scan roster contacts and should put equivalent status icons to the protocol the contact is using)
  38. hussam Hi
  39. hussam كيفكن
  40. hussam نسومة: أي
  41. Dr. Watson Do you sepak English?
  42. Dr. Watson *speak
  43. GreenBlood Maybe he could sepak, indeed
  44. Dr. Watson Any gamers in here?;215
  45. Dr. Watson Hey Asterix how does Gajim's /exec command work?
  46. aman playing call of duty?
  47. Dr. Watson no
  48. Asterix Dr. Watson:
  49. Asterix it uses Popen
  50. Dr. Watson what does it do?
  51. Asterix it executes a command and show the output
  52. Asterix /help exec
  53. Dr. Watson what kind of command?
  54. Dr. Watson like system commands or xmpp commands or what?
  55. Asterix anything you can type in console
  56. Asterix ls
  57. Asterix "Execute expression inside a shell" is quite clear, no?
  58. Dr. Watson so i can hack your computer using Gajim
  59. Asterix hm?
  60. Asterix have you tries /exec command yourself?
  61. Dr. Watson multi line output isn't showing up at all
  62. Dr. Watson everything beyond "/exec echo hi" doesn't work
  63. Asterix here it prints hi
  64. Dr. Watson here too. but every other command just does nothing
  65. Asterix /exec ls works
  66. Dr. Watson so maybe sdterr isn't being tracked
  67. Asterix of course it's not
  68. Dr. Watson and redirecting stderr to stdout doesn't seem to work either
  69. Asterix oups sorry
  70. Asterix stderr is also tracked and printed in another color
  71. Asterix /exec ls qwe
  72. Dr. Watson what about "/exec curl -I"
  73. Dr. Watson nothing
  74. Dr. Watson whatever
  75. Asterix I don't know how does the output ofcurl works ...
  76. Dr. Watson downloaded data → stdout; misc info → stderr
  77. Asterix ha probably because output comes too late
  78. Asterix curl -I localhost
  79. Asterix works
  80. Asterix "/exec curl -I localhost" works
  81. Dr. Watson how long does Gajim wait?
  82. Dr. Watson yes works here too
  83. Asterix 500ms according to the code I linked you earlier
  84. Asterix POLL_INTERVAL = 100 POLL_COUNT = 5
  85. Dr. Watson that's why ping doesn't output
  86. Dr. Watson How does your bot do the auto-lookup of new created tickets?
  87. Asterix no idea, it's a buit in feature of isida
  88. Asterix it reads the RSS of trac from time to time
  89. Dr. Watson i like that feature. But I don't know how to implement it in "unblocking-mode"
  90. Dr. Watson Nice! My github issue lookup bot now has a 5000/h quota instead of 60 lookups/h! Nice! But not yet auto-looking for new issues
  91. Dr. Watson nice twice :)