Gajim - 2014-08-22

  1. kruks23 Hi guys, is planned to implement XEP-0333 Chat Markers on gajim?
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  3. arune ^ hijacked account?
  4. arune Aha registation opened again
  5. Asterix kruks23: yesterday sergio said he was interested in implementing it
  6. kruks23 Aterix, I'm sergio (I changed my nick), it was the same question
  7. Asterix ha ok :)
  8. Asterix so indeed nobody else told me there was an interest ...
  9. Asterix so if you are willing to implement it, you're very welcome!
  10. kruks23 I think maybe is difficult for me, is python, isn't it?
  11. Asterix yes it is
  12. kruks23 I request this feature is important to interact with mobile clients
  13. kruks23 *because is importar
  14. kruks23 *important (sorry)
  15. Asterix we currently have the first level: received with XEP-184
  16. kruks23 yes I know, but if you are talking with someone in a phone is important to know when he/she reads the message
  17. kruks23 Conversations uses chat makers, thats why I'm asking for this XEP
  18. Asterix maybe in some cases ...
  19. Asterix interesting to know. We can look there the way they implemented it
  20. kruks23 of course, you can find it on hithub and ask in the conversations room
  21. Asterix I have it installed on my phone
  22. kruks23 and have you seen the little avatar when your contact has read the message?
  23. Asterix I never really used it. Only to help developpers find a bug in they code.
  24. Asterix I only saw that I don't see online / offline contacts. They are all listed the same way
  25. kruks23 jappix, the web client, implements chat markers too
  26. patrik Hi guys, I have some problems using carbon messages. If I send a message from one client to someone I don't see the outgoing message in my other gajim client. In both clients carbon messages are activated and the server should also support this. In the XML-Console of this second client I see that the message was received, but it is not shown. Any ideas?
  27. kruks23 they think online/offline information is not so important in mobile phones because in theory they are always there. You can ask inputmice and he'll explain better than me
  28. Link Mauve kruks23, isn’t that an usability nightmare when you have many contacts?
  29. Link Mauve Including contacts that haven’t connected in months, for example.
  30. Asterix kruks23: all my contact list is not supposed to use mobile clients ....
  31. Asterix patrik: maybe a bug in Gajim ....
  32. kruks23 Link Mauve, maybe I don't have many contacts
  33. patrik Asterix: so the problem is known?
  34. Link Mauve poezio is saying I have 57/291 online contacts right now.
  35. Asterix patrik: no ... it was not ...
  36. Link Mauve A list of 57 is manageable, a list of 300 much less.
  37. patrik Asterix: I could help to find the bug. But at I am not sure where I have to search.
  38. Asterix you don't use Gajim 0.14.4 do you??
  39. Asterix patrik: you don't use Gajim 0.14.4 do you??
  40. patrik Asterix: Only at the moment, I tested it with 0.15.4.
  41. Link Mauve patrik, it could be worth it to try with 0.16-rc2.
  42. Asterix ok. in 0.16-rc2, on your second instance, the received "sent" message is interpreted in connection_handlers_events, arround line 1053 You could start there to see what's going wrong
  43. Asterix ho yes right, you should try with 0.16--rc2 first
  44. Asterix ho yes right, you should try with 0.16-rc2 first
  45. patrik Ok, I'll give it a try.
  46. Asterix I really hate conversation
  47. Asterix no ay to go offline
  48. kruks23 Asterix, you can disble your account temporarily
  49. Asterix yes, but it's != from going offline
  50. Asterix or go away / busy ...
  51. kruks23 ah ok
  52. Asterix it's not a XMPP client, it's a XMP client
  53. Asterix there is no Presence handling at all
  54. kruks23 no there isnt
  55. Asterix I don't see the difference with SMS for example
  56. kruks23 you can send pictures, and you see when your contact has read the message
  57. kruks23 but this is the gajim room, not the conversations room, haha
  58. Asterix MMS for pictures, receipts exists with SMS / MMS
  59. Asterix yes right :)
  60. Holger You can talk to people who use a desktop client.
  61. Asterix yes that's an improvement yes
  62. kruks23 Asterix: Would you think about this xep I request please?
  63. Asterix unfortunatly I don't have time for the moment :/
  64. kruks23 :(
  65. Asterix Flow: I fixed the traceback you had when sending a file.
  66. Asterix Flow: have you been able to test my patch to remove ::1 from proposed streamhosts?
  67. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15486:cd2b18340d4d]: fix sending file without jingle when localcert is not yet generated. fix sending file without jingle when localcert is not yet generated.
  68. kruks23 Asterix: when do you think the 0.16 version will be release?
  69. Asterix probably before the end of the month
  70. kruks23 great!
  71. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [671:b33cc20caf07]: don't crash when we upgrade to Gajim 0.16 don't crash when we upgrade to Gajim 0.16
  72. Asterix patrik: I just tested and carbons seems to work ok in 0.16-rc2
  73. patrik Asterix: Thanks very much. I'll try it tonight.
  74. Asterix Link Mauve: it was implemented for 0.15 release. Not sure it's a good idea to change the Changelog of 0.15 now, no?
  75. Link Mauve I guess not. ^^
  76. Asterix LordVan: ping?
  77. LordVan pong
  78. LordVan ah nice
  79. LordVan i walk in the room and see this
  80. LordVan 10 second ping :D
  81. Asterix :)
  82. Asterix about the bug you opened
  83. Asterix #7787
  84. bot Asterix: (Error on startup)
  85. Asterix could you try this patch:
  86. Asterix it will disable temporarily your metacontacts
  87. LordVan you mean to find the problem? ^^
  88. Asterix yes
  89. Dr. Watson What about an addition to the /ping command for chatrooms? Like "/ping Asterix" pings Asterix and I don't need to open a private chat for that?
  90. Asterix to know if it's because of metacontcats or something else
  91. Asterix Dr. Watson: yep, patch welcome :)
  92. Dr. Watson :D I would love to but I have no clue how to do that
  93. LordVan haha
  94. LordVan let me see if i can reproduce the problem on this machine .. -- back in a bit gotta relog once to see if i get the error and another time ot test the patch :D
  95. LordVan hm interesting
  96. LordVan i seem to not be able to reproduce the error on my work machine ..
  97. LordVan interesting
  98. LordVan i shall test it later on my private box -- i think it might even have to do with that machien being a bit slow and the network not being up at all yet when it autostarts gajim
  99. Asterix LordVan: ok, thanks
  100. Dr. Watson Asterix: How do I do the muc ping? Do I write a plugin or do I change "native" coder?
  101. Asterix Dr. Watson: I have the code for sending ping ...
  102. Dr. Watson *code
  103. Asterix now when we receive, should we display it in pm only if it's opened? or both groupchat and pm?
  104. Dr. Watson Where do I find it?
  105. Asterix on my ,achine if you're hable to hack it :)
  106. Dr. Watson Where I type /ping I want to see the result (does that answer your question?)
  107. Dr. Watson I think that would also be the easiest solution for you to implement
  108. Asterix yes but no ... :D
  109. Asterix no when I type /ping, I don't remember where it's typed
  110. Dr. Watson What do you mean?
  111. Asterix when I Get the result, I don't know where the request was sent from, so hard to know where to print it
  112. Asterix I can change that of course ...
  113. LordVan Asterix, if i forget feel free to remind me :D
  114. Dr. Watson I don't quite know where the problem is, I haven't read the code for /ping
  115. Asterix I'll try to not forget ;)
  116. Asterix the problem is that when I type /ping, I send something. Then a few ms later I Get the answer, but for the moment I don't keep in mem were I typed the /ping (groupchat or pm) so I don't know where to show the result
  117. Asterix but I'll chnge that
  118. Dr. Watson So if that pong comes in it triggers an event?
  119. Asterix yes
  120. Dr. Watson Then you can do something like the following
  121. Asterix ok it's done
  122. Dr. Watson If there is no private chat window open then print it to muc chat or something
  123. Asterix just need to improve rendering of pong in groupchat controlllll
  124. Asterix yes but if it's opened ...
  125. Asterix anyway now I track where it was sent from
  126. Dr. Watson Ok nice
  127. Dr. Watson Is it gonna be in 0.16 release?
  128. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15487:ac09400aded7]: add /ping command in groupchat to ping occupants add /ping command in groupchat to ping occupants
  129. Asterix ^^
  130. Asterix so yes it will be in 0.16
  131. Dr. Watson Thanks a lot!
  132. Dr. Watson Asterix, what is that supposed to mean? raise CommandError(_('Command is not supported for zeroconf accounts'))
  133. Dr. Watson src/command_system/implementation/ Line 418
  134. Asterix that when you're on a bonjour network, you can't ping
  135. Dr. Watson Why is that?
  136. Link Mauve Asterix, if it’s a 199 ping, it should work there as well.
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  138. Asterix Darlan was supposed to kill spam, but he is not here for quite a long time :/
  139. Dr. Watson Where did he go?
  140. Asterix it seems there is really too much spam and I'll have to close regstration again :/
  141. Asterix Dr. Watson: it's do to xmpp without a server in a local network
  142. Asterix BBL
  143. Dr. Watson ?
  144. Dr. Watson what's bbl
  145. Holger (Will) "be back later".
  146. Dr. Watson thx
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  148. arune Link Mauve: Conversations does not show the list of contacts by default, it is instead showing a list of conversations sorted with the most recent on top. Much like hangouts does.
  149. arune It's really a slick client without bloat
  150. Link Mauve I don’t use proprietary protocols, so using them as a point of comparison doesn’t give me anything. ^^
  151. Link Mauve I don’t use Android either.
  152. arune I would love to have something similar on the desktop
  153. arune Link Mauve: ok, you don't but I explained why the length of the contact list is not important
  154. Link Mauve So, if you want to talk to someone you haven’t talked to in a long time, you have to scroll it a lot?
  155. arune Hangouts is just a good example of simplifying chat, I use it a lot but try to replace it with xmpp, for my work we are using xmpp/gajim but gajim is a bad example of chat system
  156. arune Link Mauve: no, you'd search the contact in that case
  157. arune Or scroll the conversation list of course
  158. Link Mauve Ok, this seems like my workflow with poezio.
  159. arune But if you have 57 contacts online, you probably talk regularly with like 10-15?
  160. arune So the list of conversations are probably not that long
  161. Link Mauve I almost never use its roster, when I want to speak to someone I complete /message, and aside from that I know by heart the number of a specific contact is in my tabs list.
  162. Link Mauve I currently have about 150 open tabs though. :p
  163. Link Mauve Not much harder to remember than pokémons.
  164. arune Anyway, I a simple xmpp windows client with support for modern features such as carbons is what I'm looking for :)
  165. arune Seems like desktop applications have been forgotten nowadays, it's either web development or "apps"
  166. Dr. Watson arune, you can always write a gajim plugin that reconfigures the roster. But for data protection reasons I wouldn't like Gajim to do statistics on how much I'm texting to someone
  167. kruks23 set the topic to Gajim
  168. kruks23 set the topic to Gajim. Gajim 0.16-rc2 is now released! Try it! Language is English. If you have something to ask, just ask. Don't circle around with questions like "Have anyone used Gajim on Windows?"... New Bugs at Paste in shots in room logs in Spread Gajim!