Gajim - 2014-08-20

  1. Flow Is there somewhere something like a specification for OTR on XMPP?
  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #97 (OTR plugin changes content of <body> element) created When I send a command from Gajim to ​MAXS, then the first attempt will fail. It seems the OTR plugin adds extra whitespace to the body element. As soon as I disable the OTR plugin, the behavior can no longer be observed. If I send for example the ls command [11:03:43] ‎flo‎: ls ✓ ‎[11:03:44] ‎My Droid‎: No such file or directory: /storage/emulated/0/MAXS/ Then t[…]
  3. CopperSun Hello! Where could I download plugins for gajim? I can not find them on official site/trac, only description.
  4. Asterix edit -> plugins
  5. Asterix you probably have the "plugin installer" plugin, activate it and go to available tab
  6. CopperSun it gives me 550 access denied
  7. Asterix you can't access
  8. CopperSun I can
  9. Asterix who gives you the 550 error?
  10. CopperSun plugin installer u_u
  11. Asterix when you click the available tab?
  12. CopperSun yup
  13. CopperSun as it downloads list of plugins from somewhere =)
  14. Asterix so Gajim can't access the ftp. you are using a proxy?
  15. Asterix from
  16. CopperSun corporate proxy, isa
  17. CopperSun but it should not restrict me from accessing anything... in theory =)
  18. Asterix that's the reason. There is no common way to use ftp via proxy, so Gajim don't use a proxy for FTP
  19. CopperSun oh, so I should download from then...
  20. Asterix yes you can download them from there indeed
  21. Asterix plugins_0.16 folder for you
  22. CopperSun thank you! *browses ftp server*
  23. CopperSun I'm not sure how ISA works with FTP tho, could be just NAT ^^
  24. Asterix if it was just a nat, that would work I think
  25. CopperSun and it works as I use browser
  26. CopperSun ah nvm >_<
  27. CopperSun I've got mine plugin :)
  28. Asterix because your browser uses the proxy
  29. CopperSun but thats transparent proxy, ISA steals my packets and redirects them to proxy or nats or whatever
  30. CopperSun I do not have any proxy systemwide
  31. Asterix but you have one in your browser, no? for FTP too?
  32. CopperSun nop!
  33. Asterix CopperSun: could you try to disable TLS in plugin configuration?
  34. CopperSun tries
  35. CopperSun Asterix, yes, it works without TLS
  36. Asterix ok then your proxy refuses secured FTP connexions :/
  37. Asterix they want to be sure to track you :)
  38. CopperSun yeah thats for sure :)
  39. CopperSun but https works fine tho
  40. CopperSun and OpenVPN with TLS
  41. CopperSun weird =/
  42. Asterix if they block https, they block many things!
  43. CopperSun but it seems that I have problems only with secure FTP
  44. CopperSun as I remember ISA by default allows only 443 port for SSL and TLS
  45. CopperSun but eeeh... nooooo I do not want to think about ISA, it makes me sick =/
  46. CopperSun and SFTP uses 21 or 990
  47. CopperSun could be it
  48. Dr. Watson Someone has to create a piece of software that listenes on port 443 for incoming ssl connections and then internally redirects those to the matching service. For example you have then a https server and a ssh server listening both on 443
  49. Dr. Watson or ftps
  50. Zash sslh lets you do that for https (or other ssl) and ssh
  51. Dr. Watson Great!
  52. Zash Also, Prosody can do port multiplexing, so you can have eg http and xmpp c2s on the same port, or https and legacy jabber ssl on the same. Can't mix ssl and non-ssl/starttls tho.
  53. Dr. Watson What's the difference between tls and starttls?
  54. mathieui tls is old, deprecated, and should not be used
  55. Dr. Watson What should then be used?
  56. mathieui starttls
  57. Dr. Watson what is the great improvement?
  58. fabienwang Salut !
  59. Asterix fabienwang: Hi
  60. fabienwang Hi Asterix
  61. fabienwang I do have a crash on win7. I'll report it I guess
  62. fabienwang Fault Module Name: zlib1.dll Fault Module Version:
  63. Asterix hm? what's that?
  64. fabienwang When i try to open Gajim i do have a popup
  65. fabienwang It says: "A full feature Jabebr client has stopped working"
  66. Asterix which version?
  67. fabienwang and If i view the details it says nothing more than zlib1.dll was in fault
  68. fabienwang it's 0.16rc2
  69. Asterix could you try to uninstall it completly and re-install it?
  70. fabienwang gajim-0.16-rc2-1.exe
  71. fabienwang Yeah unfortunately, i already tried and i do have the same issue Asterix
  72. fabienwang i even deleted the whole profile in AppData\
  73. fabienwang I'll go in the windows events to see if i have more details
  74. Asterix where do you have a zlib1.dll in your c:?
  75. fabienwang I know that one is in System32 dir
  76. fabienwang but i'm searching for another one, i'll check
  77. Asterix there is one in Gajim folder IIRC, no?
  78. fabienwang no
  79. fabienwang there is none in Gajim/bin folder
  80. Asterix I have no zlib1.dll on my win7 machine ...
  81. fabienwang Oh it founds one in Gajim/bin/gtk/bin/
  82. Asterix v1.2.5.0
  83. Asterix so it's the one in system32 that Gajim uses while it should use its own ...
  84. fabienwang Yes
  85. Asterix I gues you can rename the one in system32 to have Gajim working
  86. fabienwang I removed the one in System32
  87. fabienwang let me tell you if succeed
  88. Dr. Watson That might cause other programs to crash I think
  89. fabienwang It's alright i made a backup just in case
  90. Dr. Watson well done :D
  91. fabienwang Okay so, it's still loading zlib1 v1.2.8
  92. fabienwang so my guess is it's somewhere else in the PATH
  93. Dr. Watson Or it's a shared lib that is still in ram
  94. fabienwang oh maybe that
  95. fabienwang I'll brb
  96. fabienwang Yeah !
  97. fabienwang Thanks Asterix and Dr. Watson
  98. Dr. Watson You are welcome
  99. Holger is down via IPv6, it seems?
  100. Asterix yeah, for some days I have big problems with the ipv6
  101. Asterix I try to fight, but dibbler segfault ...
  102. Asterix I'm just trying to find another solution
  103. Holger k, if you're aware of the issue, I'm happy!
  104. Asterix yeah, but that's really anoying
  105. Asterix the only solution I see if to remove the ipv6 from DNS :/
  106. Dr. Watson The admin's message of the day: (gets you another piece of text everytime you visit)
  107. Asterix Link Mauve: I'm not abeto repro the bug you had under win. I created an account on then connected with wrong / goodpw and no error
  108. Link Mauve My father will come back from the hospital in a few days I hope, I’ll be able to reproduce then.