Gajim - 2014-08-19

  1. Link Mauve Asterix: there is no mention of Carbons in the ChangeLog, you may want to add that.
  2. Asterix hmm yep, just need to check when it was added
  3. Flow hmm gajim does not announce my services socks5 proxy when sending the bytestream query, do I have to manually add it?
  4. Asterix Flow: Gajim tests it on startup. If it doesn't announce it, it probably means it was not able to use it when testing it
  5. Flow thanks Asterix. I believe I had a similar issue before
  6. Asterix Flow: you can try to run Gajim with -l gajim.c.socks5=DEBUG option to see that
  7. Flow will try that
  8. Flow btw: <streamhost jid='' port='28011' host='::1'/> I think gajim should announce loopback addresses as streamhost
  9. Flow *shouldn't
  10. Flow and using "-l gajim.c.socks5=DEBUG" doesn't show any traces of gajim querying the service for s socks5 proxy
  11. Asterix oups it's -l gajim.c.proxy65_manager=DEBU
  12. Asterix oups it's -l gajim.c.proxy65_manager=DEBUG
  13. Asterix we already remove ipv6 loopback address. for ipv6, it's always ::1 or is there a more generic one? (for ipv4 we remove 127*)
  14. Link Mauve ::1/128 is the only IPv6 loopback, yeah.
  15. Flow Asterix: seems like my router is still caching the negative record for my proxy
  16. Asterix Flow: could you test that to see if that correctly removes ::1?
  17. Asterix I need to close the server because of provider issue ... back ASAP ...
  18. Asterix or not ... support doesn't answer ... maybe for tomorrow.
  19. mdt hi, i developed a plugin for exaile sending song-playing via status to gajim via dbus long ago. i now get an error in gajim ("KeyError: 'error'") which is even send via the xmpp channel ("<presence xm....><show>error</show><status>...). the error occures in, line 2347 (gajim 0.15.4). any idea what's wrong? does some other stuff use dbus for status-updates as well?
  20. Asterix could you show the full traceback?
  21. Asterix (sending played sound via presence is bad. There is PEP for that)
  22. mdt Asterix, i know but that is not exposed by gajim over dbus, right?
  23. mdt should i develop a plugin for gajim to do so?
  24. mdt furthermore the player should not call a method in the im-client but send an signal... ;)
  25. Asterix yep. The player should just send dbus message that Gajim understands (MPRIS)
  26. Asterix we already supports some players (see
  27. Asterix but mpris is the way to go IMHO
  28. mdt shall i just cut&paste the stacktrace here?
  29. mdt (10 lines)
  30. Asterix no pv, it will be posted to a paste automatically
  31. Asterix no pb, it will be posted to a paste automatically
  32. mdt Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/share/gajim/src/common/", line 93, in raise_event if handler(*args, **kwargs): File "/usr/share/gajim/src/", line 2634, in _nec_our_show self.on_status_changed(, File "/usr/share/gajim/src/", line 2284, in on_status_changed self.update_status_combobox() File "/usr/share/gajim/src/", line 2347, in update_status_combobox self.status_combobox.set_active(table[show]) KeyError: 'error'
  33. mdt :D cool
  34. mdt another thing: when i looked at the plugins the first time and enabled one it showed up twice in the left tab... now it's shown correctly only once
  35. Asterix something tries to send an "error" status. But we should never send an error status
  36. Asterix if you can, you could try with 0.16-rc2
  37. mdt hm, point is i was kicked form my rooms as there were many problems ;) but i will try. i assume you have a debian package for that?
  38. Asterix sure :)
  39. Asterix
  40. Zash "error" isn't valid in <show>
  41. Asterix add our repository
  42. Asterix Zash: yes, that's why his plugin should not send that
  43. Flow Asterix: That patch prevents ::1 from appearing
  44. Zash >>> socket.getaddrinfo(socket.gethostname(), None) [(2, 1, 6, '', ('', 0)), (2, 2, 17, '', ('', 0)), (2, 3, 0, '', ('', 0))]
  45. Zash I say
  46. Zash I have no idea what that means
  47. mdt Asterix, i now use 1.16-rc2. it immediatly runs into this error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/mdt/.local/share/gajim/plugins/plugin_installer/", line 390, in available_plugins_treeview_selection_changed self.plugin_description_textview) TypeError: display_html() takes at least 4 arguments (3 given)
  48. mdt (the report error button is not working)
  49. Asterix because you need to update plugin_installer plugin
  50. mdt ah, it crashed while updating...?
  51. mdt because the checkmark is off, i have to manually enable it again...
  52. mdt okay, it doesn't show that exception again, so it was either fixed or a problem that only occures in a special state of gajim
  53. mdt sorry, "doesn't show that exception" is about the initial case i mentioned about the status updates via dbus.
  54. Flow any ideas how to fix ?
  55. Asterix Flow: hmm no, never saw that error
  56. Flow It appers that 'localcert' required by jingle_xtls is not there
  57. Flow Asterix: Where should it be created? Which function does take care of it's existence?
  58. Asterix it's in
  59. Asterix line 117
  60. Asterix if not (os.path.exists(cert_name + '.cert') and os.path.exists(cert_name + '.pkey')): jingle_xtls.make_certs(cert_name, 'gajim')
  61. Asterix so make_cert should create it
  62. Asterix so make_certs should create it
  63. Flow Asterix: hmm, and where is it located on the filesystem?
  64. Flow i've ~/.config/gajim/localcerts/
  65. Flow that's a directory
  66. Flow uh wait, ~/.config/gajim/localcert.cert exists too
  67. Asterix ~/.config/gajim/localcerts/localcert.cert
  68. Flow Asterix: allright I did cd ~/.config/gajim cp localcert.* localcerts
  69. Flow and it works now. but it appears that the make_certs method is either not invoked or not working as intended
  70. Asterix hmm you have pyopenssl installed?
  71. Flow yes, it appears in the stacktrace :)
  72. Asterix right :)
  73. Asterix I may know why ...
  74. Flow i'm on 0.16_rc2 btw
  75. Flow bbl
  76. Flow Uh before I go, how can I use last message correction with gajim in mucs?
  77. Asterix ctrl+up
  78. Asterix ok localcerts problem reproduced
  79. Flow Uh before I go, how can I use last message correction with gajim in mucs? ahh I see
  80. Asterix thanks for reporting!
  81. Flow and while we at it: Is it possible to have readline bindings in the chat field?
  82. Flow eg. C-a to go to the beginning of the line etc
  83. Asterix there is a key for that: home, so currently there is no binding for that in Gajim ...
  84. Asterix and C-a is select all
  85. Flow Is it even possible to (re-)configure keybindings in gajim? Since i use readline style keybindings everywhere (bash, emacs) it would be great if gajim would behave the same way
  86. Asterix n it's not, they are in code
  87. Asterix Flow: how did you reproduced the traceback? You tried to send a file? you received one?
  88. Dr. Watson So I am still on 0.16-rc2 and my buddy doesn't get my messages again...
  89. Asterix they don't get or Gajim show they don't get but they get them?
  90. Dr. Watson He doesn't respond
  91. Dr. Watson I think he is using Gajim aswell but obviously I can't ask him which version he is on.
  92. Asterix it's shown in information window (if he doesn't hide that info)
  93. Asterix maybe there is a problem between your server and his server?
  94. Dr. Watson He hides it but his jid is like
  95. Asterix so maybe a pb between and
  96. Dr. Watson maybe. but he is logged in with his phone at the same time and those messages seem to find their way to him. I don't see that not-delivered-sign when texting his phone
  97. Asterix because the client on his phone doesn't support that feature to reply you when message is received so Gajim don't ask this client
  98. Dr. Watson Does Xabber not support that?
  99. Asterix I don't know ...
  100. Dr. Watson Strange...
  101. Dr. Watson But what I like with Gajim is that you can text to the same buddy on different devices at the same time
  102. Asterix you mean open a tab per remote resource?
  103. Dr. Watson exactly
  104. Dr. Watson So texting his phone works fine. No s2s issue
  105. Asterix he replied?
  106. Dr. Watson yes
  107. Asterix and not on his Gajim?
  108. Dr. Watson and he could send me messages from his Gajim to mine but I could not successfully reply to his Gajim
  109. Asterix message is sent? can you check in your XML console?
  110. Dr. Watson I looked at the XML for a message to his phone. I found the message and the <received id='177' xmlns='urn:xmpp:receipts'/> matched the message id. Then I sent a message to his Gajim which went out but never caused a received-thing
  111. Dr. Watson He uses 0.15.4 btw
  112. Asterix so the message is not on your side. Message is correctly sent. If he doesn't receive it, then: 1/ there is a network problem if his Gajim doesn't receive your message 2/ his Gajim has crashed if it receives it but doesn't display it
  113. Asterix could he open his XML console to see if he receives your message>
  114. Asterix could he open his XML console to see if he receives your message?
  115. Dr. Watson Maybe... I'll ask him
  116. Dr. Watson When I'm writing private messages and type /ping who replys? The server or the client?
  117. Dr. Watson Because I can ping him and get a "Pong! (0.49 s.)" instantly.
  118. Dr. Watson But all the messages are lost
  119. Asterix the client answers
  120. Asterix could you open his information window?
  121. Asterix there you see his priority number
  122. Dr. Watson So something happens to the messages I send him. Ping works fine and he can text me.
  123. Asterix how much is it?
  124. Dr. Watson Gajim is 50, phone is 0
  125. Dr. Watson Nothing unusual, no negative values causing trouble
  126. Asterix ok so indeed no problem
  127. Asterix so I don't see what could happen except one of your servers dropping the message for a strange reason
  128. Dr. Watson I'll test his server on
  129. Dr. Watson Test still running but it already complains about the ssl cert
  130. Dr. Watson protocol score 55 (c2s)
  131. Dr. Watson Maybe the server doesn't support messages :P
  132. Flow Asterix: I tried to receive a file
  133. Dr. Watson doesn't support anything above TLS1.0 but the SSL ones
  134. Flow while I was testing Smack 4.1's file transfer code :)
  135. Asterix Dr. Watson: That should not be a problem
  136. Asterix Flow: ok, thanks
  137. Dr. Watson Overall grade F, let's find out about s2s
  138. Dr. Watson Nevermind, I tell him to change server
  139. Asterix Flow: hmmm the localcert.cert/pkey is created as soon as I accept the incoming transfer :/
  140. Asterix Flow: are you able to repro?
  141. Flow Asterix: So if I rm ~/.config/gajim/localerts/* the certs should be automatically re-created, right?
  142. Asterix yes
  143. Flow Without even restarting gajijm
  144. Asterix folder is created on startup
  145. Asterix and cert is created when starting a transfer or receiving one
  146. Flow Asterix: I get the exception again after deleting the file
  147. Asterix you need to restart Gajim to re-create the folder, but if you don't delete the folder, only the cert, no you don't need to restart Gajim
  148. Flow And the socks5 filetransfer fails
  149. Asterix it's a jingleFT?
  150. Flow Asterix: No
  151. Asterix haaa
  152. Asterix heu ... then somthing's strange...
  153. Asterix we should not create a OpenSSL contaxt when it's not a jingleFT
  154. Asterix and the code is in: if self.fingerprint is not None
  155. Asterix and fingerprint exists only in jingleFT
  156. Asterix what is the sender's client?
  157. Flow gajim
  158. Flow the receiver is Smack
  159. Asterix heu ... you told me earlier you are the receiver ...
  160. Flow Well I send a file to my Android device
  161. Asterix so Gajim is the sender then, notthe receiver
  162. Asterix the traceback appears on the sender side
  163. Flow Asterix: That's IIRC how socks5 works
  164. Flow the initiating entity sends a list of socks proxies to the receiving one
  165. Flow the receiving one establishes a connection to one of the proxies
  166. Flow which is in this case the socks5 proxy gajim provides
  167. Asterix yes
  168. Flow how socks5 *xep-65* works of course
  169. Flow so the receiver does estalbish a connection back to gajim
  170. Flow which is causing the traceback as far as i can tell
  171. Asterix yes that's it, but as you told we you were receiving a file I tried receiving a file, not sending a file ... I test the other way then
  172. Flow sorry when I was unclear on that. I tried to receive a file with smack, as I told I was testing smacks 4.1 file transfer code
  173. Asterix ok cert is created as soon as I send the file. But it's a jingleFT.
  174. Asterix I need to use a client that doesn't support jingleFT
  175. Flow Asterix: Try MAXS :)
  176. Flow But it's not really a XMPP client
  177. Flow but it allows you to send files from your android device over xmpp
  178. Asterix I can repro this way
  179. Asterix Flow: ok this is clearly a bug. I'll investigate on that tomorow
  180. Dr. Watson Asterix, I guess it was his client because on a different pc with the same version of Gajim it works fine
  181. Asterix which OS was he using?
  182. Dr. Watson Debian GNU/Linux unstable (sid)
  183. Dr. Watson according to Gajim
  184. Dr. Watson with the buggy Gajim it was the same
  185. Asterix and he saw no error? he received the messages in XML console?
  186. Dr. Watson He didn't answer that question
  187. Dr. Watson That is strange. Now not even ping works. Maybe he lost connection this time
  188. Dr. Watson Whatever