Gajim - 2014-08-18

  1. Dr. Watson hm... something went wrong here...
  2. LordVan ^^
  3. LordVan btw that reminds me
  4. LordVan Asterix, do you have an idea yet about the UI bug with file transfers where it shows failed when it actually finished??
  5. Asterix LordVan: which OS/version?
  6. LordVan Asterix, 0.16rc2 both on linux and windows
  7. Link Mauve Asterix, about my issue on Windows the other time, I think I may have used a wrong password.
  8. aidecoe hello :-)
  9. aidecoe is there an easy way to change keybindings?
  10. aidecoe some override gtk-emacs-keybindings
  11. aidecoe like C-f, C-b
  12. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #94 (Does not work in Ubuntu 14.04) updated Hi bergschreck, any news?
  13. Asterix Link Mauve: ha ok that could help reproduce ... I'll try
  14. Asterix aidecoe: I don't know what those keybindings are supposed to do, but most Gajim keybindings are hardcoded in sources
  15. aidecoe Asterix, C-b is ← and C-f is →
  16. aidecoe hm, hardcoded…
  17. aidecoe Asterix, which file?
  18. Asterix,, it depends at which level the keybinding appear
  19. aidecoe ok, thanks :-)
  20. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7809 (Cant use jingle video chat on windows) created Bug description Trying to start a video chat on the windows client results in the opening of several windows: Gstreamer error: Error: Element doesn't implement handling of this stream. Please file a bug. Debug: gstbasetransform.c(2541): gst_base_transform_handle_buffer (): /GstPipeline:pipeline6/GstBin:bin31/GstVideoScale:videoscale10: not negotiated Traceback (most recent cal[…]
  21. Dr. Watson Gajim is being weird... I keep getting these "message not delivered" signs next to the messages. First time today, I had lost my connection. But now it is happening again with internet connection...
  22. Asterix I don't know which version you use, but it's a very long time I haven't seen them. Could you show XML logs when you send a message?
  23. Dr. Watson 0.15.4 as always. XML logs are being collected...
  24. Asterix you should try 0.16-rc2 if possible
  25. Dr. Watson XML logs don't show the "received" stanzas either.
  26. Dr. Watson But in this chartroom it is working
  27. Dr. Watson can those two versions be installed next to each other or do I have to remove 0.15.4?
  28. Asterix there is no such message in chatrooms
  29. Dr. Watson But I get like the message from myself, you know
  30. Dr. Watson So it is not the connection between the server and client
  31. Asterix if you install / run 0.16 you probably will have problems to go back to 0.15.4. config will be updated
  32. Dr. Watson Always blame the buddy :D
  33. Dr. Watson So backup the ~/.gajim folder
  34. Asterix no
  35. Asterix ~/.config/gajim
  36. Dr. Watson I just realized that cp ~/.gajim ~/.backupgajim didn't work
  37. Dr. Watson Thanks
  38. Dr. Watson is drinking original German tap water while waiting for a very slow download...
  39. Dr. Watson upgrading, please wait
  40. Dr. Watson Asterix, the installation from source is a pain in the butt! But nevermind, it's done
  41. Asterix ./configure / make / make install (if you really want to install) you can also just run it from sources
  42. Dr. Watson That's what I did. ./configure complained about a missing intltool. Installed that and Gajim. But Gajim didn't start. Then I had to search for that stupid python-nbxmpp which I had to install from sources too.
  43. Dr. Watson But like I said, nevermind, it's done.
  44. Dr. Watson And I can text with my buddy again for now
  45. Asterix not that bad :)
  46. Dr. Watson nbxmpp should make its way into ubuntu repos
  47. Dr. Watson once it's done
  48. Asterix it should yes ... as it's a deendancy for 0.16 it will
  49. Dr. Watson But now verifying the OTR fingerprint doesn't work over SMP. It always abourts or fails
  50. Dr. Watson But that was the same in 0.15.4
  51. Dr. Watson Asterix, is it normal that Gajim spams the console with "18.08.2014 21:51:06 (E) nbxmpp.smacks Server and client number of stanzas handled mismatch"?
  52. Asterix hmm no, your server supports smacks?
  53. Dr. Watson I have no clue. What is that?
  54. Dr. Watson Where can I find out if the server supports that?
  55. Holger Dr. Watson: What server (software) are you using?
  56. Dr. Watson I am running no server software. I use
  57. Holger Metronome 3.6.10, and mod_smacks is enabled.
  58. Holger Dr. Watson: The issue is about Stream Management (XEP-0198), which tries to make sure stanzas won't get lost on flaky connections.
  59. Dr. Watson So that confirmes that my internet connection drops packets aka is very slow?
  60. Asterix no, each time you send or server sends a stanza, it increments a counter, and from time to time Gajim checks number is the same on server so that we are sure nothing is lost
  61. Asterix so slow connextion should not be a problem
  62. Zash TCP takes care of dropped packets.
  63. Dr. Watson I don't get the meaning of the error messages then
  64. Dr. Watson But Gajim works and mostly does what I want
  65. Dr. Watson Good job everyone!