Gajim - 2014-08-14

  1. stefano Hi, is anyone with a Trac-Account here?
  2. Asterix sure
  3. stefano I found a dead link at The link to "browsable via Trac" under "I want to play with plug-in system" give a Trac Error.
  4. Asterix indeed plugin system has no more branch, it's in Gajim itself now
  5. Asterix I removed that section
  6. Asterix Thanks
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  8. stefano Okay. I found a other thing. The hostfingerprints at is 38:8d:67:e8:ce:76:7f:75:3d:ed:9b:b2:4a:06:aa:71:4c:14:fe:da but hg say fingerprint is 77:3b:82:49:eb:e0:92:b5:fd:46:af:fd:50:50:b7:9b:cd:55:9d:8a.
  9. Asterix stefano: hmm I don't find where this fingerprint comes from ...
  10. Asterix I have 3 fingerprints with 3 algorithm
  11. Asterix ha it's the https one ...
  12. Asterix still I don't find this fingerprint :/
  13. Asterix the SHA1 fingerprint of is 1E:7E:54:BF:9F:75:AE:EA:88:D7:CB:B4:62:F3:07:C5:40:73:62:A7
  14. stefano Asterix: What fingerprint you don't find? The ...:55:9d:8a one?
  15. Asterix yes
  16. stefano hm, i get it from "hg clone gajim". See
  17. Asterix yep ok found it
  18. Asterix it's correct and I updated the wiki page
  19. Asterix I changed certificate after openssl problems ...
  20. stefano Thanks
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  22. Asterix Link Mauve: I have a problem with a Gajim user making jingle audio / video working
  23. Asterix the connection is accetped, and marked as ok in Gajim, but nothing work. We don't get other's video or sound
  24. Asterix any way how we can debug that?
  25. Link Mauve Asterix, I don’t know, isn’t that at the Gstreamer or Farstream level?
  26. Link Mauve I don’t know anything about those.
  27. Link Mauve Ask ThibG instead!
  28. Asterix yep probably
  29. Asterix ThibG: you have an idea?
  30. ThibG no
  31. Asterix ok
  32. ThibG there is a debug flag for farsight and/or gstreamer, but I don't remember how to enable that exactly
  33. ThibG apart from that, I don't know, I haven't touched that in ages
  34. ThibG sorry
  35. Asterix I already enabled that flag, but what is printed is chineese ...
  36. Link Mauve LANG= perhaps?
  37. Asterix :
  38. Asterix :)