Gajim - 2014-08-13

  1. AN is it correct that i get presence stanzas with a 210 status code when another user joins the channel? or is this a server fault?
  2. AN the result is, that gajim thinks my nickname on the channel was changed by the server.
  3. AN when i looked into xep-0045 my impression was, the server sends a presence with code 210 on my join when my nick has to be changed.
  4. AN or am i wrong?
  5. Zash Hi, what's the status of XEP-0191 in Gajim? I see that it enables the 'Block' option in contact context menus, but it does nothing when activated.
  6. Zash This is with privacy lists completely disabled.
  7. Zash filed a ticket after some digging through the code
  8. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7807 (Blocking does not work if only XEP-0191 is supported by server) created If the server supports XEP-0191 (Blocking Command) but not XEP-0016 (Privacy Lists) then does not appear do anything when one blocks a contact, according to XML console and server logs. This code in src/ seems to be the cause: def on_block(self, widget, list_, group=None): def on_continue(msg, pep_dict): accounts = set(i[1] for i in li[…]
  9. Asterix Zash: thanks, I'll try to debug that this evening. Is there a server I can test against?
  10. Zash I can set something up