Gajim - 2014-08-12

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7723 (Multiples error windows showing) updated Important. [15:46:55] *** iNPUTmice has joined the room [15:47:00] <iNPUTmice> hi [15:47:10] *** patrik shows as "away" and his status message is "afk" [15:47:21] <iNPUTmice> i cant register with your trac to submit bugs [15:47:37] <iNPUTmice> either i don't find the register button or its disabled [15:48:17] <iNPUTmice> anyway i think there is a bug in https://trac.gajim.[…]
  2. LordVan hi
  3. LordVan hmm this is odd
  4. LordVan the chatroom bookmarks - with autojoin,.. - are saved on hte server but my gajim did not autoconnect nor does it read it
  5. LordVan any clue why that could be?
  6. Darlan No.
  7. Darlan Send a ticket in Trac with steps to reproduce this issue.
  8. LordVan Darlan, hm i will test it again later first i guess
  9. LordVan maybe just a glitch on this machine ^^ it is windows after all haha
  10. Darlan :-)
  11. Darlan Though I do not think this could be Windows-specific.
  12. LordVan yeah but it worked on my linux box yesterday so .. ;)
  13. LordVan And i know the data is stored on the server since I wrote a module for prosody to query the xml data with an adhoc command hehe
  14. LordVan damn
  15. LordVan i just re-queried it and it seems to be gone .. wth
  16. LordVan good i still have it pasted in an editor
  17. LordVan lemme restart gajim
  18. LordVan hm
  19. LordVan nope all gone from the server .. wth
  20. LordVan probably a problem with prosody
  21. LordVan btw
  22. LordVan still bugs with file transfer pidgin <->gajim
  23. Darlan LordVan, report on these issues, especially when it is about different clients.
  24. LordVan did before ;)
  25. LordVan not after rc2 though
  26. Darlan Do you recall what number of ticket that was?
  27. LordVan no clue sorry
  28. LordVan i'd have to look
  29. LordVan I also reported 7787
  30. LordVan but i think there was no ticket for the transfer as it was like a day before rc2 and i said i'd test that
  31. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7787 (Error on startup) updated yes that's it
  32. LordVan btw
  33. LordVan Asterix, i still have problems with file transfers to/from pidgin
  34. LordVan i got a file today
  35. LordVan it said 100% done at the other end
  36. LordVan mien said 93% failed
  37. LordVan but i had the whole file
  38. Asterix I didn't have time to test until now unfortunatly :/
  39. Asterix that's "just" a UI bug then is transfer goes well. But we need to fix it indeed
  40. LordVan yeah
  41. arune Does gajim support XEP-0333 Chat Markers?
  42. Asterix arune: no, we don't
  43. arune Asterix: ok