Gajim - 2014-08-11

  1. lordvan hi
  2. Asterix Hi
  3. Holger My wife is using 0.16-RC1 on Windows 7; and once in, say, two or three weeks, it completely looses all its settings and accounts. Has anyone else seen that? Or *not* seen it despite using a current Windows version regularly?
  4. Link Mauve Holger, first update to RC2.
  5. Asterix hmm very strange. Never saw that nor heard about this problem. Does she do something special when she looses its config? Like badly shutting down the computer or something like that?
  6. Holger Link Mauve: This is not a proper bug report where I'd expect anyone to invest any work (I'll have a closer look myself first, anyway). I'm really just curious as to whether this issue is already known to anybody, or whether people are generally happy with Gajim on Windows.
  7. Holger Asterix: They just get lost for no apparent reason after regular reboots. That's what she *says*, at least :-)
  8. Link Mauve I have only heard of guybrush88 losing his logs file by shutting down his computer badly.
  9. Link Mauve Not the settings though, AFAIK.
  10. guybrush88 Link Mauve, nope, only the logs
  11. Holger Ah, I see. I'll gonna try to track this down a bit. And I'll of course update to RC2 indeed. Thank you!
  12. guybrush88 anything else was fine
  13. Asterix Holger: settings are in C:\users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Gajim\Config
  14. Holger Asterix: Merci!
  15. Asterix Hi nickwilde
  16. arune It seems like gajim cannot handle bookmarks from server with name missing (should be optional according xep)
  17. Asterix ha maybe yes, never checked that
  18. arune How can I report a bug ?
  19. Asterix how do yuo think Gajim should show them?
  20. Asterix in the list we show names
  21. arune
  22. arune
  23. Asterix yes, empty rows are not very nice ...
  24. arune Asterix: maybe jid if name is missing
  25. Asterix hmm yes sounds logical
  26. Asterix you have an account on trac?
  27. arune Probably not
  28. Asterix could you give my a login / pw / email in private so I can create one for you?
  29. arune Hmm, cannot open priv on this client I think
  30. arune arune jabber de
  31. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #96 (Incorrect Import) created I haven't looked through history but I'm *assumption warning* assuming that at some point presumably when the core was switched to the nbxmpp fork from xmpp that invalid imports were left in at that time. Was raising fatal error on any xmpp operat[…] • []
  32. arune maybe?
  33. arune No, that was not priv right?
  34. Asterix That is private chat yes
  35. Asterix but got nothing
  36. arune Ok, not working well in conversations
  37. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [670:ce44898891c8]: [TicTacToe] [NickWilde] use nbxmpp instead of xmpp. Fixes #96 [TicTacToe?] [NickWilde?] use nbxmpp instead of xmpp. Fixes #96 • Ticket #96 (Incorrect Import) closed fixed: In ce44898891c8e291280b65811dba187a3e112857: [TicTacToe?] [NickWilde?] use nbxmpp instead of xmpp. Fixes #96
  38. Asterix arune: I cannot reproduce :/
  39. Asterix what does the error means?
  40. Asterix and could you expand the error window and show me the traceback?
  41. arune Ok, I fix when I get to a computer
  42. Asterix empty lines should not exist. Gajim shows first part of JID when name is empty
  43. Asterix and I just commited the same thing for the menu
  44. Anders Sandblad Asterix,
  45. Anders Sandblad should I make a bug report on trac with this info?
  46. Asterix I'm investigating
  47. Asterix but empty lines sould not happen :/
  48. Asterix except if there is no name and no jid ...
  49. Asterix ha ...
  50. Asterix I know why ...\
  51. Asterix empty name and no name is different ...
  52. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15483:8928ec22e6b2]: show first part of the JID in actions -> join group chat menu when there … show first part of the JID in actions -> join group chat menu when there is no name.
  53. Asterix Anders Sandblad: it's now fixed in repos
  54. Asterix thanks
  55. Anders Sandblad thank you!
  56. Anders Sandblad thank you
  57. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15484:deed3497b04c]: correctly detect when no name is provided for bookmarks correctly detect when no name is provided for bookmarks